11 Christmas Advent Calendars: Updated Styles for a Traditional Favorite

Buy Here Christmas comes just once a year, but there are only 24 days in the Advent Calendar – and the countdown starts on December 1. Are you ready? The traditional advent calendar has given way to a more stylized version – from old photos on reclaimed wooden trees to spa treats in sleek, modern packages. And let’s not forget the whiskey advent calendar! From chocolates to cocktails – here’s to the Christmas season! Linen Garland Advent Calendar

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Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece – 16 Modern Easy DIY Ideas

Mason jars really are one of the most versatile items out there – and great fun to play with around the holidays. Any holiday, really, but we’re concentrating on Christmas today. A little ingenuity and scavenging around what you’ve already got – and you can probably make something pretty special for the center of the table. From elegant lights to whimsical dioramas, the only limit is your imagination. Fill those Mason Jars with Holiday Cheer and when December 26 rolls around, start thinking about how … (read more)

Christmas in Scandinavia: Emma Persson Lagerberg Style

Emma Persson Lagerberg is an interior stylist with a lot of style, we think. Don’t you just love the wooden block Christmas tree? And how clever to offset it with live Hyacinth, blooming, albeit uprooted. And the fern card on the mantle has corresponding roots! Her casual sense – she seems to scatter items – is anything but casual. There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place. Note the skull on the mantle (top left), the keys strategically placed. She has her signatures and things … (read more)

Wooden Christmas Decorations Made from Juniper Tree

These charming Christmas decorations were designed (and handmade) by Romanian artists Zsolt and RĂ©ka. Carved from Juniper wood, they are as natural as it gets, treated with only beeswax and linseed oil. Every step is done by hand: design, cutting, polishing. You can be assured you’ve got the most natural tree decoration possible. Aren’t the shapes cute? And the lines in the wood are simply nature at its best. And how apropos – decorating a tree with pieces of a tree, it’s almost a tribute tree. From … (read more)

Woodland Christmas Natural Wood Slice Wreath

What a natural beauty! This one-of-a-kind wreath is made using branches from different woods. The different species of tree and different size branch slices create a stunning effect. The slices are baked to dry them out, then glued to a wreath shape and there you have it – add a funky looking ribbon and hang it on your door. Its a rustic, back to nature Christmas! This piece would look great at the cottage or the chalet – or in the middle of the city for that … (read more)

Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Throughout the Christmas season, whether entertaining guests for an awesome home cooked meal or hosting an important game, it’s the little touches that will make your house feel festive, fun and full of good cheer. Whether your decor leans to the traditional, eclectic or modernist, crocheted ornaments will add the whimsy and color that exemplify your style. Take a journey through the following photos for inspirational ideas on how to add a touch of crochet to your holiday decor.

40 Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

Christmas is synonymous with festivities, feasts, and full bellies! This is the time for indulgences and as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So whip up something extra special on Christmas morning and make a marvelous meal that’s really worth waking up for! Here are 40 Christmas breakfast ideas inspired by traditional Christmas-time fare. Add elements of gingerbread, cinnamon and spice, eggnog and candy canes to your pancakes, waffles, donuts, fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls and French toast, and wash it all down with a winter-themed drink. These mouth-watering meal … (read more)

Christmas Tabletop: Color Inspirations

Please check out our Colorful Christmas Tabletop Decor Ideas at the Dining and Entertaining section …