Chic Interiors With Unique Materials by Karhard Architektur

Kim over at Desire to Inspire has put together a collection of images from a few of the projects of Berlin’s Karhard Achitektur + Design, ranging from bright compact apartments to wood-lined family homes. The firm has a few calling cards, but its designs are incredibly varied and unique from project to project. Working with both new buildings and renovations equally, Karhard diligently tailors the look of each room to its purpose and creates a few overarching themes in every individual residence. Sometimes, the architect … (read more)

Exotic Ranch House Blends Rustic Chic and California Cool

When Sylvia Beez of M.A.P. Interiors redesigned this 1970s ranch house, she combined a rustic-chic look with the California appeal of the area hosting this warm, welcoming, personality-filled home. The living room screams “rustic refined,” whereby each element that would typically be classified as “county” boasts a modern edge – the vaulted wood ceiling, painted white; the concrete floor, polished to a sleek sheen; and the stone fireplace, which takes shape a contemporary shape and becomes a modern focal point. A wall of windows floods … (read more)

Chic Small Black and White Apartment in Paris

Challenging on one side, the renovation of this small apartment also offered some obvious solutions to Septembre, the architects in charge. This reconverted industrial space is long and thin, with windows on one side only. Thus the spaces had to be distributed in such a way as for most of the rooms to have natural light. Where this was impossible, interior windows have been created in order to bring the generous light from the living area into the other spaces. The open plan living space … (read more)

Tire table from Tavomatico defines Body Shop Chic

How’s this for “body shop chic?” This cool tire table from Tavomatico features two circular discs of plexiglass – one on the top and one on the bottom, turning a tire into a tabletop with storage space inside. Four small wheels mounted to the bottom let you roll this unusual table to your desired location – in the living room or den, home office, studio, or to the man cave – this piece is certainly dressed the part! The thick, chunky tire tread brings a bit … (read more)

Cheers to these Chic Clear Drink Dispensers

Warm weather is on the horizon (although it sure doesn’t feel like it in the dead of winter!) so make sure you have cool drinks on hand with these chic drink dispensers from Horchow. Whether you’re hosting a swanky soiree or a casual outdoor barbecue, they are a great way to display the drink of choice: iced tea with sliced lemons, juice, punch or something with a little more, er… punch! Your guests will have fun refilling their own glasses with this easy-to-use entertaining essential. Done in clear glass, these drink dispensers are also … (read more)