Chaise Loveseat Sofa from David Batho: Elegance and Comfort

Modern design, combined with traditional leather work, brings the loveseat to a new level of style. This piece would look simply stunning in any room – but doesn’t it look incredible here against the acid-etched cement floor? You could use it as a fainting couch, can you imagine? Or just lie draped across it, with a rose between your teeth. What a photo that would make! In all seriousness, while this is a high-design piece, it’s also extremely comfortable. David Batho is known for working with the client … (read more)

Leather and Fur Chaise Lion by Maria Pergay for Fendi

Created for Fendi in a continued collaboration by French designer Maria Pergay, Chaise Lion combines the leather and fur that is a trademark of Fendi designs with Maria’s favorite material of Stainless Steel. The opposing materials come together in Chaise Lion to create a chair that is both hot and cold, soft and hard, as well as natural and man made. This conflict of materials is the basis behind the story of Chaise Lion, which takes its muse from the metaphorical passage of time. Time has gone both … (read more)