5 Looks, 5 Girsberger Dining Tables, Benches & Chairs

These dining tables and chairs from Girsberger will satisfy your style cravings, no matter what your tastes. But these sophisticated table designs are not just for the dining room. Coupled with some creative seating, they are easily transformed from formal and casual entertainment areas, to office desks and boardroom tables that are sure to impress your clients and co-workers. But no matter what you use them for, or where, these tables always make a fabulous focal point. Here are 5 dining tables with benches and chairs that are sure to inspire your room … (read more)

Funky Chair Designs with Removable Seats – ‘Snap’ chairs by Karim Rashid from Feek

Karim has done it again! These funky chair designs by Karim Rashid let you mix and match your way to a more exciting home decor. The Snap chairs are the latest ultra-modern innovation from Belgian furniture brand Feek, featuring high-polished chrome frames with removable split seats made of expanded-polypropylene pieces, available in a range of hot cool colors including hot pink, orange, red, silver, black and white. An all-white or all-black chair is a classic choice suited to any style, but when the mood strikes you can shake things up by mixing and … (read more)

Feminine Chairs – Innocenza chair by Polsit

Hubba hubba, talk about some sexy furniture! This unusual chair by Polsit, called Innocenza, is anything but innocent! This artful chair was designed by artist Andrea De Benedict as part of the innovative Desart collection, which transforms original art into usable chairs and armchairs for the consumer with an elite sense of style. The Innocenza chair boasts sensual, feminine curves – front and back – and is finished with a lace-look detail that gives it its feminine appeal. If you enjoyed this unusual chair, the Desart collection will present more art-cum-armchair designs in … (read more)

Customizable Chairs by Donati: The “develop your chair” project

Italian furniture company Donati is taking cool, contemporary and customizable furniture to the next level. We’ve all been there: wandering the furniture stores in search of that “perfect” piece, and the disappointment of leaving empty-handed, unable to find the one that matches your vision. Well, put your “designer” hats on – Donati offers this cool custom chair concept that lets you create it just the way you want it! Marcello Ziliani is the man behind Unica: the “develop your chair” project, which allows the user to choose all the individual elements to … (read more)

Molded Plywood Chairs and Tables by Lange Production

Molded plywood never stops to amaze us, and these expressive sculptural forms of the molded plywood chairs and nesting tables from GJ Collection by Lange Production is another great example. Hard to be believe they were originally designed in 1963, by the renown Danish furniture designer Grete Jalk. The laminated GJ chair look so trendy and up to date. Being quite different from other previous experiments focused on moulded plywood, the Lange’s GJ Collection has impressed us with its sheer technical daring and organic yet elegant effects. The chair is composed of only 2 conjoined … (read more)

Montiss vacuum cleaner with V-shaped head

The upright CVC5748M is Montiss vacuum cleaner with a unique V-shaped head that helps you effectively clean around obstacles such as tables and chairs on any surface. The combination of the responsive steering and ultra lightweight design means this Montiss vacuum is much lighter than other upright cleaners. This makes turning corners instantly possible with just a flick of the wrist, and you are never limited to moving in straight lines. The vacuum cleaner has a powerful and energy efficient 1,300 watt motor, which lets you reduce energy bills, while still delivering outstanding … (read more)

Refrigerator Shopping Guide

Be sure you get the refrigerator you need – one that will serve your household well for years. Ask yourself these questions before you set out to buy a new fridge.

What configuration of refrigerator do I want?

There are three types to choose from. The most popular model is the two-door, top-freezer design which offers a wide range of models and tremendous storage versatility. Side-by-side models have doors opening in the center, generally have more storage capacity, and offer easy access for people in wheelchairs. Bottom-freezer units put the … (read more)