Loft Style Children’s Room

Russian designer Elena Skutova has created a very special atmosphere in this relatively small boy’s room. Designed for two brothers, the room is playful with many elements inspired from nature. The bunk bed in white stained wood is built in the shape of a tree house, with a roof and wooden access ladder. The bottom bed is turned in the opposite direction to the top one because of the reduced height between the two. From a material perspective, the room is treated like … (read more)

Silverline Asterion full glass ceiling hood

The puristic, straight lines, advanced edge extraction and powerful 1,200 m³/h external motor of this impressive, full glass Asterion ceiling hood from Silverline deliver continuous, clean design and top performance. The frames of the ceiling hood and perimeter extraction plates are made of highest quality tempered glass with an elegant, diamond-like facet cut.

The modern range hood comes with remote control, 4-speed motor, 15-minute auto run off, auto safe shut-off, four 50 W halogen lights with dimmer function, and dishwasher safe metal grease filters.

Other hoods from Silverline,
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Frecan Inart 4M recessed ceiling vent hood

This is a recessed ceiling hood from Frecan, the Inart 4M finished in stainless steel with 8 aluminum filters, 10 LEDs and 4 -speed remotely controlled fan.

Choose from 4 internal and external blowers, with the roof top blower offering extraction rate up to 2,400 m³/h. Advanced perimeter extraction, deferred Off, active carbon filters, easy maintenance. Frecan. Previously, Frecan Paradigma ceiling hood.


Frecan Paradigma System – innovative modular ceiling vent hoods

The new Paradigma System by Frecan is the industry first modular suction system, developed to simply go unnoticed and stay that way in the kitchen ceiling – thanks to its compactness and ceiling light like aesthetics. The 4-speed perimeter aspiration System allows you to design a beautiful ceiling decor, creating a very functional yet completely unobtrusive light / suction layout.

You can install up to 4 modular ceiling vent hoods with 600 m³/h suction rate each, giving you an incredible 2,400 m³/h in total extraction power. Similar to Frecan Coanda range hood, … (read more)

Gutmann Invisible – ceiling built-in exhaust hood

This Invisible exhaust hood is quite creative, though the recirculated version is rather bulky as you can see in the video. But if you are looking for the experience of visual freedom in your kitchen space, accompanied by a fully functioning high performance ventilation system, this could be it. Unlike more traditional Gutmann ceiling range hoods that are installed / attached in / to the ceiling, the Invisible exhaust hides in the space behind and under crown moldings.

Exhaust installation

The system comes with a powerful, 3-speed + Intensive, remotely … (read more)

New Frecan designer range hoods

Fortune 90 White Glass

The latest designer hoods from Frecan, both wall hood collection and Light collection.

Fortune 90 Black Glass

These designer range hoods are made of glass and stainless steel, certain models have distinct wood inserts. Stainless steel or aluminum filters, 4-speed blowers with up to 2,400 cubic meters per hour extraction rates when installed with top performing external roof motor.


Halogen lights or LEDs and Frecan advanced Science Comfort System, equipped with the latest design turbines, built with compensated silent-block and anti-vibration … (read more)