Dyson DC39 canister vacuum with Ball Technology

Engineered to follow faithfully, DC39 is Dyson first canister vacuum cleaner with Ball Technology for stable maneuvering around the tightest corners. Canister cleaners are often awkward to steer and can topple. They lurch into furniture, veer off at tangents and may be difficult to pull. Like an errant shopping cart, their crude casters drift across hard floors and get buried in carpets, so more force is needed to keep them on track. And reliant on bags, they can lose suction, too.

Sitting on a ball, DC39 has a lower center of … (read more)

Recall: Remote Control Systems by Niles Audio Due to Fire Hazard

Name of Product: Remote control systems for entertainment electronics

Units: About 4,160

Manufacturer: Niles Audio Corp., of Miami, Fla.

Hazard: If the battery falls from the remote control during handling, it can rupture and smoke or ignite, posing a fire hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: The company has received four reports of batteries falling from the remote control system during handling; one of the batteries ignited and singed a carpet and the other three smoked.

Description: This recall involves the Niles iRemoteTS and iC2 remote control systems. These are wireless remote control devices that are designed to operate … (read more)

Recall: Hoover WindTunnel Canister Vacuums Due to Fire and Shock Hazards

Name of Product: Hoover® WindTunnel Canister Vacuums

Units: About 142,000

Importer: Hoover Inc., of Glenwillow, Ohio

Hazard: The power cord between the power nozzle and the wand connector can short-circuit posing fire and shock hazards to consumers. This condition can occur even if the vacuum has been turned off but left plugged in.

Incidents/Injuries: Hoover has received 69 reports of overheating or electrical malfunction, including one report of fire and smoke damage, and two reports of carpet damage. There has been one report of a minor injury.

Description: This recall involves the Hoover WindTunnel Bagless … (read more)

Recall: Lasko Portable Electric Heaters Due To Fire Hazard

Type of Product: Portable electric heater

Units: About 107,500 units.

Manufacturer: Lasko Products Inc., of West Chester, Pa.

Hazard: An electrical connection in the base of the unit can overheat, causing it to melt and expose the electrical connection, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: Lasko received a total of 36 reports of the electrical connection overheating with no reports of injury. There were 18 reports of minor burn damage to floors or carpets.

Description: The portable, electric, tower heaters are 20.5 inches tall x 8.25 inches wide x 9.25 inches deep. They are … (read more)

Winter Weather Warning: CPSC and USFA Issue Home Heating Safety Alert

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the United States Fire Administration (USFA) are urging consumers to play it safe as winter weather blankets the United States.

According to USFA, home fires spike in winter months. Cooking and home heating are the leading causes of residential building fires during the winter. The risk of fires also increases with the use of supplemental heating, such as space heaters.

CPSC estimates that home heating was associated with an average of 33,300 fires and 180 fire deaths per year from 2005 to 2007.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is … (read more)

Is a Central Vacuum System Right for You?

If you are considering installing a central vacuum system, you probably have visions of carefree vacuuming- is that an oxymoron? You will no longer lug your vacuum up and downstairs or try to maneuver through doorways, banging the walls as you go. Well before you spend the $1000 or more, read on to see if your vision can become a reality.

From DIYlife.com:

Unlike standard portable vacuums, central vacuum systems don’t require you to haul a heavy unit around the house to clean. … (read more)

Mint automatic hardwood floor cleaner

Mint is the robotic floor cleaner designed to tackle hardwood floors as well as laminates and tiles. Guided much like a GPS by a patented NorthStart cube, the automatic floor cleaner performs an excellent job of dusting and mopping in efficient and methodical fashion. It doesn’t miss a spot and doesn’t repeat the route. You can use any disposable or washable cleaning cloth brands, dry or moistened. The Mint automatic hardwood floor cleaner tracks where it cleans. Once finished, this robotic floor cleaner returns to its starting position and conserves battery power.

Equipped … (read more)

Neato robotic vacuum cleaner

The new Neato XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a centrifugal compression-impeller that creates sustained high-power suction. The vacuum plans out its cleaning path with the help of a laser mapping system and avoids bumping into walls, furniture, or stairs. This high performance, efficient robot vacuum creates a map of your entire environment and does not bounce off the walls. Using a straight-line pattern, the Neato all-floor vacuum cleaner completes its task and then automatically returns to the charging base. It removes all kinds of dirt and debris on all surfaces, including carpet, rugs, … (read more)