Exotic Ranch House Blends Rustic Chic and California Cool

When Sylvia Beez of M.A.P. Interiors redesigned this 1970s ranch house, she combined a rustic-chic look with the California appeal of the area hosting this warm, welcoming, personality-filled home. The living room screams “rustic refined,” whereby each element that would typically be classified as “county” boasts a modern edge – the vaulted wood ceiling, painted white; the concrete floor, polished to a sleek sheen; and the stone fireplace, which takes shape a contemporary shape and becomes a modern focal point. A wall of windows floods … (read more)

Creative Modern California Loft Design: a Box Within a Box

With some careful planning and creativity, a poorly planned, 1,100 sq. ft. loft in the historic Besler Building – a former steam-engine factory in Emeryville, California – was transformed into an efficient, livable and beautiful modern loft. It was two years in the making, with their home transformed into a gritty construction site on weekends, but homeowners and designers Lynda and Peter Benoit, (Peter a senior architect with local firm Melander Architects) took the loft from dark and dingy to open and sun soaked, with a 16 by 17 by 10 … (read more)