Low-priced kitchen cabinets with top-drawer features

Low-priced kitchen cabinets with top-drawer features

New cabinets can make a huge impact on your kitchen—and an equally huge dent in your budget. Consumer Reports’ surveys have shown that readers who hired contractors paid an average of roughly $ 9,000 for new cabinets, with about a quarter of them spending more than $ 15,000. It’s usually the biggest single investment you’ll make in your project. The good news: Many once-premium features, such as dovetail joints, have moved down to lower-priced stock cabinets, available as near as your local big-box … (read more)

Cooks covet extra counter space even more than cabinets

Cooks covet extra counter space even more than cabinets

When is the last time you heard somebody complain about having too much counter space or too many kitchen cabinets? Lack of space is why nearly 50 percent of homeowners say they keep frequently used kitchen items in other rooms—the food processor winds up in the laundry room, stockpots are stashed in the garage—according to the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence. If you have space, you can add an island but make sure the countertop you install can … (read more)

Haier’s New Under-Counter Dual Drawer Fridge

Haier America has introduced a line of built-in dual drawer refrigerators that were designed with today’s integrated kitchens in mind.

Available in stainless steel, white and black finishes, the units have two refrigeration drawers with a total of 5.4 cubic feet of capacity and an easy-to-clean electronic temperature touch-control panel. In addition, the drawers’ divider system easily adjusts with one hand to securely hold different-sized items such as fruits and vegetables, cheeses and beverages.

The dual drawer series also features side installation brackets that allow the units to be easily secured to the … (read more)

Vinotemp wine cooler – dual zone VT-140 TS

This sleek new Vinotemp wine cooler is a dual zone cooler that stores up to 142 bottles. Finished in black, the VT-140 TS has 15 sturdy pull-out metal shelves and tinted glass door. The digital temperature controller is located at the top of the door, allowing you to set the temperature without having to open the door. Two adjustable temperature zones let you store red and white wines at their ideal temperatures. A front exhaust lets you install the cooler as built-in or freestanding. With a sleek and contemporary design, this Vinotemp wine … (read more)

Recall: GE Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard

Name of Product: GE Profile™ and GE Monogram® Dishwashers

Units: About 174,000

Manufacturer: GE Appliances & Lighting, of Louisville, Ky.

Hazard: Water condensation can drip onto the electronic control board, causing a short circuit and resulting in an overheated connector. This poses a fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: GE has received five reports of fires, four of which caused minor damage to the kitchen countertops where the dishwashers were installed and one caused minor damage to adjacent cabinets and smoke damage to the home. No injuries have been reported.

Description: This recall involves the GE … (read more)

New Dacor dishwashers and promotion

Dacor introduced the new Distinctive, Renaissance and Integrated 24″ dishwashers. These new cutting edge appliances are a beautiful combination of style, performance, efficiency and value. With unsurpassed craftsmanship, the Distinctive dishwasher delivers the designer look in an affordably-priced, feature-rich appliance. With features like the recessed hidden handle and electronic one-touch controls on the front panel, the Distinctive model brings a modern and sophisticated design to any kitchen. Designed to handle any mess, this dishwasher also features 7 highly effective wash zones to ensure the entire load gets completely clean, while 4 wash cycles … (read more)

Fully Equipped Compact Green Kit–Cub Kitchen

Compact and fully featured, the the Kit–Cub Kitchen is both free standing and modular. The cube shaped compact kitchen comes equipped with a fridge, modular storage cabinets, garbage bin, microwave, sink, cutting table and an electrical cooking top. Beneath the sink, there are two water tanks, one of which feeds the sink and the other collects the gray water. This kitchen is the brainchild of Paul Mauduit.

Via Hometone at Yanko Design

Eldorado Stone – outdoor building blocks

For every homeowner who dreams of an entertaining enclave defined in the beauty of brick or stone, be it a luxury outdoor kitchen, stylish veranda or stunning dining room, there is the very real and intimidating prospect of actually creating it. Such custom installations have always translated to substantial investments in time, cost, materials and labor, until now.

With Eldorado Outdoor, Eldorado Stone makes it possible for anyone to enjoy a luxury backyard space within days, with outdoor cabinets that are easy for any contractor to use, and then dress with any … (read more)