Piazzetta Qube wood burning stove

This is another aesthetically pleasing compact stove, designed for smaller spaces. Featuring fine, hand made majolica cladding in 6 colours, Piazzetta Qube offers radiant, conduction and natural convection heating for your living quarters, backed by Multifuoco System that brings an optional forced ventilation kit with 4 electronically controlled power levels and LCD remote control.

The Qube comes with a tertiary air system for optimized combustion and high efficiency with low emissions, self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C, enameled steel with grate in cast iron and removable ash drawer for quick cleaning. 9.0 … (read more)

Morso 2b wood stoves

Morso 2B Standard is a modern wood burning stove, based on 1930s Morso Forest model. The 2B Standard wood stove has the latest combustion technology, greatly reducing smoke emissions to just 4.1 gram per hour. Its air washed glazed door offers a comfortable unobstructed view of the fire and the long, spacious firebox burns wood briquettes and logs up to 18″ long.

The 2B Standard produces up to 35,000 BTU per hour, supplying enough heat to warm up to 1000 sq. ft. at 75% burning efficiency. This radiant heat stove comes with 10 year … (read more)

Wall hanging wood burning stoves by Morso

Deigned in Denmark, the S10-70 is attractive, contemporary stove with a large viewing area. This wall hanging stove certainly makes a stunning statement in your living room while providing up to 5 kW heat output at 84% efficiency. Key design elements include modern convection system, sliding control, air wash system, preheated combustion and secondary air, tertiary air supply and ash tray. In stores for about £1,330.

Designed by Karsten Aagaard, this wall hanging Morso wood burning stove, the 6170 offers timeless style with its clean lines, hidden hinges and great functionality. The stove … (read more)

Wodtke Holiday wood burning stove

Instead of watching TV or going out, spend your leisurely hours around Wodtke Holiday wood burning stove. The new compact wood burning stove features elegant decorative front glass in black or nougat, offering a spectacle worth seeing from any perspective, thanks to its rotatable through 48° body.

Wodtke Holiday is also equipped with the proprietary HiClean Filter technology, which combines a novel, low maintenance, ceramic foam depth filter and use of an innovative adhesion effect, that retains the soot particles released at the start of a combustion process, burning them completely with virtually … (read more)

Hase Delhi wood burning stove

With its elegant, cylindrical form and effective display of the fire, Hase Delhi is designed for ease of use, and for decades of warmth and enjoyment from the fire, that gently flickers through its large panoramic window.

Delhi combustion chamber, can be rotated through 90°, its combustion chamber door opens without bending down, while the handle of this wood burning stove is remains cool. The cast iron floor of the combustion chamber has a rotatable grate, so ash is simple to remove. Finally, a convenient double-function slide regulates the air supply and the rotating … (read more)

Wood burning pizza oven – Margherita by Forni USA

Forni USA, the US distributor of Italian made Fontana Forni wood burning ovens and grills, is adding all-steel Forno Toscano Margherita to its line. Available in spring of 2013, the modern interpretation of traditional brick oven combines the speed and efficiency with the authentic touch of old world cooking.

Crafted in Italy from the highest quality stainless steel with rock based insulation, this oven heats up to required temperature in just 10 to 15 minutes, allowing you to cook directly on the cooking stone to obtain incredibly crispy brick oven crust. Forni USA … (read more)

Modern wood burning stove from Future Fires

Future Fires Panoramic FX1

The Panoramic FX1 is the modern wood burning stove from Future Fires. This beautiful, clean-burning stove is DEFRA approved and suitable to heat smokeless zones. Built in South Yorkshire, Panoramic FX1 and Bollente are some of the best looking and functional modern wood burning stoves, manufactured in the UK. The contemporary wood stoves come in 15 colours to match any decor and style – Satin Black, Metallic Grey, New Sky Blue, Metallic Mahogany, Charcoal, Emerald Green, Adobe Tan, Gold, Metallic Black, Honey Glow Brown, Patriot Blue, Mojave Red, … (read more)

Oranier Arkona wood burning oven

The elegant Oranier Arkona brings the best what contemporary wood burning stoves have to offer to the most demanding and educated consumers of today. This sleek, round wood burning stove comes with Oranier clean burning technology, 24-hour continuous operation, over 80% efficiency and special heat-retaining WärmePLUS stone insert.

Producing 7.0 kW output, Arkona heats approximately 140 m³, while its multi point fire door locking system withstands high temperatures, ensuring the door holds straight and tightly sealed to protect stable airflow and quality of combustion.

This stove is also suitable for installation in … (read more)