Rainforest Hotel Built in the Trees: Tree House Point

Have you ever dreamed of living in the trees, high in the canopy of an old growth forest? This hotel, Tree House Point, offers private cabins in the air just 22 miles from Seattle WA in Fall City. There are six tree house cabins to choose from: The Temple of the Blue Moon, Trillium, The Nest, The Upper Pond, Bon Bibi or The Burl, each with their own charms. The Temple of the Blue Moon was the inaugural cabin, hand built by Peter Nelson who, with his wife … (read more)

Built-In Furniture and Storage by Breath Architecture

Our friends at Trendir alerted us to this house with many built-in ideas and we just love it. Almost anything that can be built in – is! Built in headboards and lights, built in side boards, shelving – storage is everywhere! And built-ins take up less room than free standing furniture so you can make more use of the available space. The built in corner table (above) makes use of a space that otherwise might only hold a plant. And using the stair wall as cubby holes … (read more)

Building a Tiny A-frame Cabin on Top of the Alps

Think building a cabin on a mountaintop in the Alps is easy? Think again. Our friends at Trendir first found this wooden A-frame cabin built high atop a mountain in the Alps and we think it’s an awesome project. Located in the Julian Alps (which run from Northern Italy to Slovenia), the cabin is perched at 2,531 meters high (over 8,300 feet high). The cabin was built by the family of mountain guide and climber, Luke Vuerich, who died in an avalanche in 2010 at only 34 years old. A … (read more)

Tikin Table built with Hurricane Salvaged Tropical Woods

While all of Itz Mayan Wood Furniture is created from tropical woods salvaged after hurricanes and forest fires, what makes the Tikin Table – designed by Ania Wolowska, extra special is its shape. The curvilinear yet triangular tabletop takes its inspiration from surfboards and represents the aerodynamic form, rounded edges and perfect detailing from the boards themselves. While surfboards are fiberglass, these tables most certainly are not. Made from precious tropical woods such as Machiche (Black Cabbagebark), Katalox (Mexican Ebony), Granadillo, and Ziricote (Cordia dodecandra) all salvaged from … (read more)