Building a Tiny A-frame Cabin on Top of the Alps

Think building a cabin on a mountaintop in the Alps is easy? Think again. Our friends at Trendir first found this wooden A-frame cabin built high atop a mountain in the Alps and we think it’s an awesome project. Located in the Julian Alps (which run from Northern Italy to Slovenia), the cabin is perched at 2,531 meters high (over 8,300 feet high). The cabin was built by the family of mountain guide and climber, Luke Vuerich, who died in an avalanche in 2010 at only 34 years old. A … (read more)

Tabletop Team Games: Miniature Furniture as Building Blocks

Wikipedia tells us that, in ancient Rome, “the Latin word ludus (plural ludi) has several meanings: play, game, sport, training.” An appropriate name for Spanish firm Pico Pao to choose for their newest line of table top games: featuring miniature furniture (and ladders). We’ve featured three of this collection: Los Taburetes (The Stools), Las Sillas (The Chairs) and Las Escalares (The Ladders). Each set has its own appeal and design challenges! The finished products, temporary as they are, become sculptural works of art. These games have no rules … (read more)