Elegant White Porcelain Bowls for Your Tabletop

White bowls are like that little black dress – they go with absolutely everything. The purpose of white in the foodie world is really as a stage, to show off the food. But these gorgeous porcelain bowls from Gompf and Kehrer are refined enough to stand on their own. Made in Germany (isn’t the best porcelain always?) – the indented design gives depth to the pieces. But being white, nothing is busy enough to distract from the glory of the food. See how fantastic the berries look … (read more)

Bi-color Fruit Shaped Porcelain Bowls

Designed by Portuguese collective SOWHAT?PPP, this expressive collection of porcelain fruits is more than one can perceive at a first glance. At first sight we may think that they are very realistic white porcelain decorative fruits. We admire the realism of the shape and especially of the texture of the fruit’s skin. Porcelain is an amazing material that allows rendering textures that would be difficult to achieve with other materials. But at a closer look we can see that these fruits have a cut in … (read more)

Whimsical Ceramic Vases and Bowls Adorned with 3d Blooms

Lush fields of flowers are the textural story of the “Ambition” vase collection through Janus et Cie. The delicate vases are created from ceramic and each is adorned with these whimsical 3d ceramic flowers. The vases come in 3 sizes and are each sold individually but creating a vignette of all 3 would create a stunning display.

The small vase is 7″Hx6″dia and I can imagine the fun juxtaposition of a handful of dandelions picked lovingly by a young child for their mother taking a proud spot front and centre on a dining … (read more)