Cozy Home Interior is both Eco and Glam

Robert Kolenik of Kolenik Eco Chic Design was given carte blanche by the homeowners of a residence located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the resulting interior spaces feature a style that he is passionate about – Eco chic luxury with a touch of glamour. The combinations of warm and cold materials, statement lighting and comfortable furnishings showcase how lux glam can be cozy and comfortable all at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a meal or snuggle up on a couch next to this double-sided … (read more)

Plastic or Wooden Furniture? Both, by Pelidesign

The amazing furniture project PlasticNature shows that it’s possible to fuse wood and injection-moulded plastic to create beautiful furniture. The craftsmen at Pelidesign believe that the two worlds “belong together – they are both utilitarian”. Incredibly, “the wooden legs actually ‘flow’ into the seat plank” through the plastic connecting parts. These furniture objects only appear solid – they’re actually clung together plastic and wooden pieces, by the means of a join similar to dovetail. PlasticNature doesn’t just prove the structure is sound, it also shows the aesthetic harmony between the two materials. Awesome furniture! Visit … (read more)