Bookcase Door Design by DeForest Architects

Talk about living in an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Isn’t this secret bookcase door incredible? You’d never know it was there. Built as part of a mountain retreat, it uses space in a very clever fashion. Who would think to turn a door into bookcase storage? And when it’s closed it gives the room a lot more style than a regular door would. The lines of the wood panels on the wall are horizontal – and run with the lines in the bookcase. The whole installation is seamless … (read more)

Curved Bookcase by Atelier 010 – Bookworm

A bent plywood masterpiece, this curved bookcase must be so attractive because of its organic shape. We were instantly drawn to this unexpected object from the Dutch design team Atelier 010. They took two banal items, plywood and bookcase, and created such an original work – the Bookworm. The structure consists of three MDF / plywood parts shaped with custom-made molds, and is assembled on location, to incorporate a place to sit and relax and a light bulb. We really like the Bookworm.
Photography: Caren Huygelen

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