Coffee Cup Arm Chair Has Balance and Body

Like a fine coffee, this arm chair has balance, body — and aroma! Made from one single piece of scented cedar, it’s a work of pop art as much as it is a chair. The cedar pattern and gradation is incredible – a joy to behold. The wood chosen is at least 2.5 feet in diameter – to provide ample sitting area. And the cushion of course, is leather. Isn’t this coffee cup motif is such whimsy and fun? Designer Carlo Leonardo Rosa created this funky piece … (read more)

The best way to remove body lotion fragrances from clothes?

The best way to remove body lotion fragrances from clothes?

Q. How can I remove the scent of body lotion from cotton clothes? I’ve tried soaking in white vinegar, Borax, and/or baking soda before washing, but the smell remains. And dry cleaning all of it would cost too much. —Judy Robin, New York

A. Sorry, but traditional dry cleaning is the way to go—you need a solvent (e.g., PErC) to get the perfume into solution. Sometimes you can get rid of light fragrance by airing the garment outside, but using … (read more)

Tire table from Tavomatico defines Body Shop Chic

How’s this for “body shop chic?” This cool tire table from Tavomatico features two circular discs of plexiglass – one on the top and one on the bottom, turning a tire into a tabletop with storage space inside. Four small wheels mounted to the bottom let you roll this unusual table to your desired location – in the living room or den, home office, studio, or to the man cave – this piece is certainly dressed the part! The thick, chunky tire tread brings a bit … (read more)