Artistic Wooden Benches by dEEP

This bench has an almost snake-like or dragon-like quality to it, in a very artistic way. It’s always kind of startling to see curved wood, especially done this well. Designed for an office building in Beijing, China – they are the brain child of the local architectural firm, dEEP. Suitable for positioning against the wall, or free standing in the middle of the room, they are made from curved slats. What a neat looking office space this makes. Kind of reminds us of the wooden 3-D dinosaur puzzles. … (read more)

5 Looks, 5 Girsberger Dining Tables, Benches & Chairs

These dining tables and chairs from Girsberger will satisfy your style cravings, no matter what your tastes. But these sophisticated table designs are not just for the dining room. Coupled with some creative seating, they are easily transformed from formal and casual entertainment areas, to office desks and boardroom tables that are sure to impress your clients and co-workers. But no matter what you use them for, or where, these tables always make a fabulous focal point. Here are 5 dining tables with benches and chairs that are sure to inspire your room … (read more)