BBQ Donut Boat: Floating Party and Grill

Can you imagine inviting your buddies over for some barbequed steaks and burgers and then walking them down to the end of the dock? Add an adjustable umbrella and some motor power and you’re sailing off into the sunset. What a party this boat could host! You can use the center grill as a barbeque, as a straight up table, or as an ice bucket (see photos below). And as you can see, you can make this party as elegant as you like – just add white linen … (read more)

Portable Balcony BBQ is Hot for Urban Grilling

Have you ever lived in an apartment and smelled someone barbequing down the street and wished you could do that? Well, now you can! This grill is easily attached to a balcony rail, or even to the wall. And it leaves plenty of space on the deck for your guests! Urban living is great, but you often don’t have the ability to have friends over for a charcoal-seared steak or grilled veggies. And did we mention that it’s portable? So you can take it over to your neighbors’ … (read more)

Bosch freestanding range

The 60cm wide Bosch HCE854450 is stainless steel freestanding range cooker with glass-ceramic cooktop. This range combines high-quality materials with state-of-the-art induction technology, which generates the heat in the cookware itself thus saving energy. The glass ceramic cooking surface is durable, robust and easy to clean. Apart from stainless steel, glass is generously used at the front of the freestanding range in order to visually enhance the insight into the spacious 60-litre oven with all-glass interior door and 8 operating modes. Flush retractable control elements and a solid metal handle underline aesthetics.

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August 2010 Monthly Round-Up for Kitchen Contraptions

July was another hot and amazing month of Kitchen Contraptions – filled with kitchen gadgets, grilling, and other kitchen wonders plus. Thanks again to all of our loyal readers for visiting us each day, and you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also sign up to receive our weekly email newsletter delivered to you free of charge each Monday morning.


Five Senses Oven Dish


Kitchen Laptop Stand Protects Your Laptop from Food Splatters

General News

Live the 50’s Lifestyle in your Kitchen with … (read more)

Zevro Vac ‘n Save Ruby Bowl-Shaped Vacuum-Sealing Food-Storage Containers

We’re always on the lookout for storing leftovers from a BBQ, party, or just dinners where the kids don’t eat. These 3 polypropylene food-storage containers in 2/9-liter, 1/2-liter, and 1-liter sizes work with a handheld vacuum pump that removes moisture and air to lock in freshness. The high-resistance silicone gaskets provide airtight seal with snap-down side buckles. The best feature? They nest for convenient storing.

At Zevro VS2-BW-703 Vac ‘n Save Ruby Bowl-Shaped Vacuum-Sealing Food-Storage Containers

DIY Flower Pot Smoker Makes Great BBQ

This is a kitchen contraption to rival all kitchen contraptions if we’ve ever seen it – a flower pot and butcher block combined into a smoker. Why build your own? Commercial egg-style smokers can be expensive, and if you’re looking to smoke something a bit smaller than they can handle, this DIY flower pot smoker may work great for you.

Check out the build guide at the link below for step-by-step build instructions and lots of pictures on how to make your own Flower Pot Smoker..

Via Lifehacker at Little Blue Egg

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Avanti Mini Pub 5-Liter Beer Tapper – Mini-Keg at Home

We’re always on the look out for the latest in home keg fun, and the Avanti Mini Pub is ideal for use in home, RV, camper, on boat or at a BBQ/tailgate. It’s a lightweight silent thermoelectric model with auto-defrost, and features a digital display for ºC/ºF temperature settings. And if beer and ambiance is what you need, the soft interior lighting with on/off switch will set the mood. It uses all standard 5-liter mini beer kegs (not included – bummer).

At Avanti Mini Pub 5-Liter Beer Tapper

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Gas cooktops from Capital

Powerful and performance oriented gas cooktops from Capital are designed to help you create restaurant quality meals in your own kitchen. Depending on the model, the 48″ wide gas cooktops feature up to 8 burners including 19,000 BTU Power-Flo burners with 140°F True Simmer function and Power-Wok burner with 800 to 30,000 BTU range which is likely the widest BTU spread in the industry. Other benefits may include,
– 18,000 BTU Infra-Q Infrared grill with Tru-Side channeling grates
– 3/8″ thick, thermostatically controlled 18,000 BTU thermo-griddle plate
– EZ-Glides full … (read more)