Concept Faucet KWC DAN is a new bathroom sensation

KWC DAN is a new concept faucet developed by NOA, a German-based product development company. The design is set to become KWC’s next iconic faucet line. Trendir showcases many minimalist bathroom fixtures but Dan is quite unique because it’s based on an entirely new concept. Imagine combining a spout, a pressure balance valve and a thermostatic control into one minimalist object resembling a flying disk, and you get a fascinating mechanism that reduces faucet design to its absolute essence. The flow rate and water temperature can be controlled precisely using two … (read more)

Marc Newson Bathroom Collection for Caroma

Caroma Marc Newson is the latest addition to the Australian producer’s portfolio. Exciting and refreshing, this high-end bathroom range was created by world renowned designer Marc Newson, Aussie himself. The collection will consist of a full family of bathroom products, such as faucets, basins, toilets and urinals as well as a bathtub. The 22-piece range is divided into two categories, tapware and ceramics. The tapware part consists of mixers, freestanding bathtub faucets, shower heads and columns. The design is organic, with bold shapes and … (read more)

Water Tower House Has Cat Bathroom and Roof Shower

This water tower to house conversion has a very unusual element: a bathroom for the cat. And an outdoor shower on the roof with a most magnificent view! When the client asked Bham Design Studio to convert an old Belgian water tower into their house, they considered the resident pet, too. Not many cats have their own bathroom with a sun-drenched space in front for their lazing pleasure. The door to the cat’s private bathroom is a charming detail – shaped like a cat’s head. And easy for the pet … (read more)

3 ways to make your bathroom shine

3 ways to make your bathroom shine

Getting the bathroom ready for company takes a little more effort than hanging holiday-themed guest towels. It’s time to polish the porcelain and scrub the tub. Fortunately, the experts at Consumer Reports are seasoned grime fighters who test cleaning products all year long. Here are some of the products they recommended this year and others you can skip.

Paper towels
Sponges can be magnets for bacteria and a bathroom is germy enough. Try cleaning with paper towels that you can … (read more)

Customizable Bathroom Furniture Joyce by Villeroy and Boch

The Joyce bathroom furniture collection from Villeroy and Boch is the ultimate custom bathroom solution. With so much demand these days for individual styling – their line of interchangeable “apps” or accessories have a chameleon quality. First the soap dish was a bowl and before that it was a storage container. And it can be all of those things again. Even the deep bowl basin stopper is interchangeable as your mood changes and it comes in three colors plus white. The Joyce basins are extra deep and … (read more)

Collection O Bathroom Faucets from THG Paris

Collection O through Studio Putman combines the creatives of Christofle, the late Andree Putman and THG. The “O” design was originally introduced by Putman for Christofle in 2002 as part of the Vertigo collection but its popularity with modern and contemporary design aficionados has kept this simple yet poignant design feature alive and going strong. The “O” has now been expanded into its own “Collection O” for a beautifully fluid bathroom faucet and tap set that is available in a variety of chrome and gold finishes. This clean lined gooseneck faucet … (read more)

Backyard and bathroom updates are the summer’s top projects

Backyard and bathroom updates are the summer’s top projects

Home improvement activity is heating up this summer with 60 percent of homeowners expecting to spend an average of $ 1,200 on at least one upgrade. At the top of the list is improving outdoor spaces, followed by bathroom remodels, according to Zillow Digs, an online real estate website that tracks design trends. Here are 10 ideas for backyard and bathroom projects as well as some top-rated products from Consumer Reports that’ll help all your hard work pay off.

Five … (read more)

Fashionable function in the bathroom: Family Basin by VitrA

Taking function and fashion to a new level (literally!), VitrA has come up with this unique two-level bathroom basin that warrants closer inspection on account of its unusual looks and its super-smart design. The Family Basin is a double sink that is indeed easy to use for the whole family – adults, kids and those with physical limitations hampering their daily cleansing routine. By placing these sinks at two heights, one at a full height of 85 centimeters and the other at 40 centimeters, you can wash your hands and your feet … (read more)