Manhattan gas barbecue grill by Enders Colsman

Thanks to its versatile functionality, premium equipment and its sophisticated appearance, the modern Manhattan gas barbecue grill provides a delightful outdoor experience. Even heat distribution, two 3.50 kW innovative Endertec burners, and thought-out features like take-out 11kg gas cylinder that can be stored in the cart and removable stainless steel grilling lid for open grilling enjoyment on the grill grate always ensure the best barbecue results.

Whoever places value on a particular look when grilling, will find the Manhattan gas barbecue to be the perfect partner for his barbecue parties in his circle … (read more)

Get the most out of your gas grill with these six barbecue tips

Get the most out of your gas grill with these six barbecue tips

Perfectly seared steaks and mouth-watering burgers hot off the grill signal that summer is in full swing. Add grilled corn and watermelon slices and it’s dinnertime. Grilling doesn’t take much fuss, but it can be tricky, resulting in rubbery chicken and charred rib-eyes. Here are six grilling tips from the experts at Consumer Reports.

Add flavor and tenderness with marinades. Use a marinade made with an acid, such as vinegar, lemon juice, or plain … (read more)

BeefEater BUGG compact barbecue

The compact BUGG completes impressive range of BeefEater grills. An efficient and space saving barbecue, BeefEater BUGG is a high power, robust and versatile grill that offers eye catching design and portability. Made of a lightweight cast aluminum with convenient grip handles on front and back, the BUGG body is easily removed from its stand and ideal for camping on your favourite grounds.

In spite of its seemingly diminutive looks, the compact BeefEater grill offers a generous 1,860 sq. cm cooking space and has sturdy detachable shelves, that can be stored inside … (read more)

E Churrasco barbecue from Everdure

The E Churrasco barbecue from Everdure is an innovative and a world first grill that combines the flavour of charcoal cooking with the speed and convenience of gas ignition. Quick and easy to light up, E Churrasco is ready to cook for you in 15 minutes.

The dual function gas / charcoal barbecue is very portable, featuring integrated handles in the base, that allow you to carry the grill with ease whenever needed. The sturdy base means you can set E Churrasco on the rocks, boats, homes, balconies. Designed in Australia, the high … (read more)

The best and worst grills for your backyard barbecue

The best and worst grills for your backyard barbecue

What’s the difference between Consumer Reports’ best and worst gas grills? For starters, the best preheat quickly and evenly, and when it comes to evenly cooking food on high- and low-temperatures, they’re superb. But the worst didn’t deliver even heat, making grilling a challenge. Here’s how to find a grill that’ll get you through a summer of entertaining.

First up, figure out how much cooking surface you need. It should be large enough to fit enough food to feed … (read more)

Find the right beer for your backyard barbecue

Find the right beer for your backyard barbecue

A cold beer may already be your go-to barbecue beverage. But like wine, different types of beer taste better with some foods than others. Here’s our experts’ beer menu for which types of beer go best with what foods, from pre-party nibbles to dessert (yes, dessert).

Crisp, lighter-flavored beers such as domestic lagers and wheat beers are especially good at washing away the saltiness of chips, pretzels, nuts and other snacks. They also go well with Monterey Jack and other mild … (read more)

54-inch grill by Wolf

The new Wolf outdoor gas grill is a 54-inch precision grill made of heavy-duty stainless steel with powerful burners that provide intense evenly distributed heat for outstanding barbecue results. It also features an electric rotisserie with infrared burner to produce succulent poultry and roasts. The 25,500 BTU sear zone emits exceptionally high heat to sear meats faster and deeper. Radiant heat from ceramic briquettes mixes with direct heat for more thorough grilling. The Wolf 54-inch outdoor grill is designed for a built-in application only.

Other highlights of the new Wolf grill include,
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B_Free modular hobs from Barazza

The Barazza B_Free range features sinks, ovens and hobs. The collection of modular hobs includes gas, barbecue, teppanyaki and induction units. The 36cm built-in hobs offer versatility and simplify customization of your cooking space.

The 3.0 kW teppanyaki shown here with modular induction hob, features 304 stainless steel surface, 2 grilling zones and 0°C to 250°C temperature range. The dual zone induction hob offers electronic control of 9 power levels, a 2.3 kW and a 1.4 kW cooking zones.

The 36cm wide modular barbecue comes with electric grilling elements, cast-iron pan support, … (read more)