Aroma stainless steel steamer from ROESLE

The Aroma stainless steel steamer pot comes with an airtight sealing lid made of unbreakable glass, and is perfectly suited for anyone who wants to coddle or steam meat, fish, poultry and vegetables gently without destroying valuable nutrients. An interior trivet with a silicone surface prevents smaller food components from falling through to the bottom of the pot, where they would otherwise stick.

The stainless steel Aroma pot features an encapsulated sandwich bottom and a 5 mm thick aluminium core. The lid, made of shatterproof glass, has a silicone lip seal thus ensuring … (read more)

Aroma Genie Casa diffuser

Enjoy your favorite fragrance with Aroma Genie Casa diffuser. Designed to bring traditional scents into the modern life, this aroma diffuser releases the refreshing essential oil into the air at 2.5 million ultrasound vibrations per second. Made in the black or white porcelain. TOAST design team.