Chic Interiors With Unique Materials by Karhard Architektur

Kim over at Desire to Inspire has put together a collection of images from a few of the projects of Berlin’s Karhard Achitektur + Design, ranging from bright compact apartments to wood-lined family homes. The firm has a few calling cards, but its designs are incredibly varied and unique from project to project. Working with both new buildings and renovations equally, Karhard diligently tailors the look of each room to its purpose and creates a few overarching themes in every individual residence. Sometimes, the architect … (read more)

3 Whimsical Doors Drawers and Cubby Creations by Karhard Architektur

Pretty in Pink
This closet-in-a-closet is a fun and whimsical way to create a personalized storage space for the child in your life. While this particular unit features pink doors it could easily be green, purple or orange. The curvy doors are retrofitted to a pre-existing cabinet and the small dresser and shelves are also post fitted into the wardrobe. What child wouldn’t want one of these in their bedroom?

The dresser features cut out hand pulls on all the drawers … (read more)