Built-In Furniture and Storage by Breath Architecture

Our friends at Trendir alerted us to this house with many built-in ideas and we just love it. Almost anything that can be built in – is! Built in headboards and lights, built in side boards, shelving – storage is everywhere! And built-ins take up less room than free standing furniture so you can make more use of the available space. The built in corner table (above) makes use of a space that otherwise might only hold a plant. And using the stair wall as cubby holes … (read more)

Bamboo Architecture: Kontum Indochine Cafe in Vietnam

Designed as part of a hotel complex by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, the Kontum Indochine Cafe serves breakfast, dinner and tea to hotel guests. A serene and zen-like structure, it is entirely supported by bamboo. There are 15 bamboo posts/pillars that make it seem as though you are in the middle of a bamboo jungle. (Although in reality, they are made to emulate the traditional Vietnamese fishing basket.) The shallow artificial lake surrounding the cafe, combined with the open air sides make the idea of air conditioning moot … (read more)