Ceramic Apple Sculptures, and tasty tidbits by Bull&Stein

Fruity and fabulous, these ceramic apple sculptures from Bull & Stein bring new energy to the idea of art and “still life.” Artist and creator Lisa Pappon combines classic shapes and unconventional colors in this juicy collection, which also includes pears, cherries and lemons that look luscious enough to eat. A rainbow of electric pinks, sky blues, spring greens, minimalist white and dramatic black – only a slim slice of the full spectrum – come in glossy or matte velvety finishes as well as shimmering metallics. These … (read more)

Kids Love a Good Caramel Apple Maker

Caramel apples will soon make their October debut for Halloween, but we also know we enjoy a good caramel apple at the fair. If you’re looking for a somewhat healthy activity to do with a bunch of kids then making caramel apples might also be a great way to pass those last days of Summer.

Features include:

The device’s stainless steel melting pot is heated by an electric heating element instead of a stove A warming setting keeps heated caramel silky smooth under a transparent lid between dunkings The included divided tray … (read more)