Gallery Inspired NY Apartment with Artistic and Fun Flair

Leave it to New York to host some of the coolest when it comes to apartments, this contemporary loft by Indi Interiors included. The bright white walls remind us of a gallery; a blank slate for the vibrant art collection – vibrant being a word we use to describe both its color palette and its splashy subjects. The eclectic furniture selections range from clean and contemporary, to lush and plush velvet in the richest of hues – a true royal blue that screams majestic. The … (read more)

Low-cost Renovation of Compact City Apartment

This project represents the renovation of a compact apartment in a popular neighborhood in Barcelona. The owners, a young and dynamic couple, asked architect Eva Cotman for a quick and low-cost renovation. In order to adapt it to a young and modern lifestyle, the apartment was stripped down to its basic structure. All non-load bearing wall were removed, at the same time exposing the brick structure of the walls and the beams of the ceiling. Tearing down the false ceiling gained the necessary extra … (read more)

Eclectic Loft Apartment in Budapest by Shay Sabag

There is so much to love about this 2150sqft river loft apartment located in the 13 district of Budapest, Hungary and overlooking the panoramic views of the Danube River. Owned and designed by Shay Sabag, the combination of industrial, rustic, glam and global styles come together into a casual elegance full of comfort and intrigue. Add to this the full iPhone control system and you have an apartment that is not only beautiful but functionally easy to manage.

The … (read more)

Bold Choices Dramatize Penthouse Apartment

The Chester Street Apartment in Brisbane, Australia has been given a makeover by designer Alexander Lotersztain, the director of Derlot. Alexander chose to refurbish this apartment with items that each, on their own, are statement pieces, and when brought together create a cohesive study fitting of the phrase “less is more” – or in this case, “much more”. This apartment is large, but rather then filling it up with a lot of little pieces, Alexander has chosen a few select items that each demand attention. From the … (read more)

Creating Personality Within a White Apartment

Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring an apartment to life. For example this traditional head board of tufted velvet contained within an ornate wood frame has been given a facelift by simply painting out the wood into a crisp white and then for a little bit of whimsical humor, two word bubbles have been painted with blackboard paint, written on with chalk and then hung above the bed. Imagine how different the decor would look if the Headboard frame was still a dark stain and … (read more)

Chic Small Black and White Apartment in Paris

Challenging on one side, the renovation of this small apartment also offered some obvious solutions to Septembre, the architects in charge. This reconverted industrial space is long and thin, with windows on one side only. Thus the spaces had to be distributed in such a way as for most of the rooms to have natural light. Where this was impossible, interior windows have been created in order to bring the generous light from the living area into the other spaces. The open plan living space … (read more)

Vibrant Colour Vignettes Vamp Up Georgian Apartment

A 162m2 Grade 2 Georgian Terrace in Clifton, Bristol, England is infused with colour for a fun and fabulous contemporary update. To keep the colour blast fresh, the plank flooring was pulled away from its natural wood tones and instead boasts a glossy grey sheen reminiscent of concrete flooring. Walls, fireplace mantle, mirror frame, lighting and most of the accessories are all kept a bright white to balance the block of cobalt blue used on the shelving, the lemon yellow accent chair and the rose hued sofa. Even the dining chairs … (read more)

Estudiobola Furnishings in Vibrant Colours Create Minimalist Wonderland in Sao Paolo Apartment

A young couple created an apartment that was fun and functional for themselves as well as lively and inspirational for their two children aged 2 and 3. Both architects, Flavio Borsato and Tatiana Filgueiras are no strangers to design and they applied their love of simple structure and vibrant statements to their San Paola home located in the district of Moema. Many of the pieces within the apartment are sourced from Estudiobola, the architectural firm that Flavio founded; one such piece pictured here is the Allegro chair with its angled arm … (read more)