Custom Swimming Pool by Cipriano Landscape Design: beyond amazing!

When a customer in Bedford, New York, USA, approached Cipriano Landscape Design with the idea of crafting a pool to reflect his love of violins – specifically the Stradivarius Violin, he was excited to discover that his dream could become a reality. With the knowledge that an exact replica with all of its detail and intricacies could and would become a reality, the client began discussions with the designers to formalize a plan that would become one of the most complex pool designs and installations … (read more)

Manta Resort: Amazing Underwater Hotel in East Africa

Genberg Underwater Hotels, a Swedish company, has unveiled their latest underwater accommodation at their Manta Resort on Pemba Island, off the coast of East Africa. Separated from the mainland of Tanzania and Zanzibar for decades, the Island is virtually untouched by development. And there’s an underwater room you can book for a mere $ 750 a night (per person, based on double occupancy). You can sunbathe on what is effectively the roof deck – or stargaze. And there is also a deck at water level. But 4 meters … (read more)

3 Amazing Modern Wall Clocks by Diamantini and Domeniconi

For over 40 years Diamantini&Domeniconi have been manufacturing objects completely made in Italy, by combining the use of industrial technology and the typical “know how” of the hand-crafted production. Over the past seven years, thanks to their collaboration with designers and artists, the Italian company has come up with some amazing wall clock designs. One of these is Back Nature, a laser-cut steel sheet with intricate Baroque style shapes. The design is monochrome, and is available in white, black and ocher. There is a whole fantastic … (read more)