Aluminium Red Garden Bench by La Chance

What a fantastic red they’ve created with this aluminum garden bench by La Chance. Designed by Luca Nichetto, his inspiration was Amelia Earhart, who disappeared flying a red Lockheed Vega 5B. The slender bench is shaped to resemble the wings of her plane.The bench is created with aluminum honeycomb, lightweight yet strong enough to withstand the elements. (Aluminum, of course, does not rust.) And it was designed as “a small urban living room” according to Nichetto, who wanted people to be able to face each other while they … (read more)

Kitchen hoods by Mertz Appliances

The new Mertz F102 is a 90cm white glass and mark-resistant brushed stainless steel kitchen hood. It features inner stainless steel lined cavity which can be used to display a thing or two for decoration purposes. Or you can keep some quite functional items, like on any other shelf. Highlights of this innovative wall kitchen hood include touch controls with 5/10/15 minute timer, heat sensor for automatic functioning, 4-speed motor with 600 m³/h extraction capacity, three 4 watt LEDs, Perimeter Laminar Flow with stainless steel panel, washable aluminium grease filter. You can use Mertz … (read more)

Whirlpool kitchen hood

The stainless steel Whirlpool AKR 968 is 90cm wide deep silent kitchen hood. The deep silent hoods give maximum performance with minimum sound, cleaning you kitchen air at an unprecedentedly low noise level – more than 35% compared to other hoods – thanks to the innovative EDS3 noise reduction system.

Whirlpool equipped this kitchen hood with dishwasher-safe 8-layer aluminium grease filter, 3-speed plus Intensive blower which can deliver up to 820 m³/h extraction rate, 2 halogen lamps and LCD Soft button controls. Can be installed in ducted or recirculated mode. Price is around … (read more)

Gutmann Redonda island hood

The silver finished Gutmann Redonda is a minimalist island hood made from a tubular stainless steel structure with a natural appearance and visual lightness, due to the combination of steel, aluminium and glass. It is fitted with a high-speed perimeter aspiration system that deliver 950 m³/h extraction rate to eliminate smoke and vapour from the cooking area. Price is around € 2,500. Gutmann. Previously, Visual range hood.

Curved glass black hood

The stylish hood has elegantly curved black glass canopy and features remote control for convenient hassle free operation. The CDA 3C9 can be used for ducted and recirculating installations, and comes with 3 speeds + intensive twin fan motor, touch control and dishwashable aluminium grease filters.

Other benefits include 2 bright 20 watt halogen lights, glass light diffusers, filter saturation warning indicator, clean air function, 15 minute timer and optional charcoal filters. Price for the curved glass black hood from CDA is around £1,000.

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Lantern style range hood

This elegant lantern style CDA range hood is suspended in the air by the thin wires and thanks to its modern design and shape, does resemble a stylish lantern rather than a typical range hood. Engineered for recirculating installation, this CDA hood offers touch control panel, remote control, dishwashable aluminium grease filters and 4 LED lights including 2 ambient.

Other features include 3 speeds + intensive twin fan motor with 750 m³/h extraction rate, glass light diffusers, filter saturation warning light, clean air function and 15 minute timer. Price for the 3L9 lantern style … (read more)

CDA downdraft extractor

Ideal for eradicating unpleasant grease and steam from your kitchen, the powerful CDA 3D9 black downdraft extractor offers integral lights so you can see what’s cooking on the hob, and 4-speed blower which will do its work rather quietly with no more than 58 dBA of noise. Suitable for extraction with a separate venting kit or recirculation with charcoal filters, the CDA downdraft extractor can go up to 900 m³/h and raise up to 38cm from the countertop surface to eliminate the most persistent odours.

Other main features of this height adjustable extractor include … (read more)

CDA range hood

This stainless steel CDA range hood, the 3Q9 is designed to match several models of CDA built-in ovens and will work in ducted or recirculating mode. The hood is capable of achieving extraction rate of 750 m³/h with noise levels capped at around 53 dBA.

Key features and benefits of this CDA range hood include 4-speed twin fan motor, modern touch controls, dishwasher safe aluminium grease filters, 2 x halogen lights 20 watts each, glass light diffusers, filter saturation warning light, clean air function and 15 minute timer. Priced at £650. CDA.

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