Adaptable Shelving – Fishbone by B-Line

Adaptable shelving – it sounds almost poetic as it gives a warm feeling that all is going to be OK and that shelf WILL fit into your small space. And the new Fishbone shelving by B-Line will. B-Line is known for their unusual, innovative bookshelves, and the Fishbone line is no exception. Described as adaptable, it is, of course, modular and configurable. As you can see on the images below, this shelving system can adapt to your space by utilizing multitudes of configurations. Fishbone can serve as a library shelf, … (read more)

Universal Outdoor Furniture – adaptable furniture Kuboletto by Milano Bedding

Think of it as the Rubik Cube of outdoor furniture. This adaptable furniture line, dubbed Kuboletto, is made by Italian company Milano Bedding, and can take a multitude of shapes in order to fit your furnishing needs. Brightening up outdoor living spaces in orange, white, grey, black and green, the Kuboletto is a puzzle that’s waiting to be transformed into endless seating and sleeping arrangements. But this universal outdoor furniture won’t leave you scratching your head in confusion – the adaptable Kuboletto changes easily, whether you’re looking for a bed, chaise lounger, sofa, … (read more)