Jenn-Air Trifecta dishwashers

The new Trifecta dishwashers from Jenn-Air, part of an all-new collection of luxury appliances that includes advanced wall ovens, cooktops, refrigerators and ventilation systems, not only promise exceptional cleaning performance, quiet operation, and reduced water and energy use, but a number of added features designed with entertaining in mind. Jenn-Air equipped Trifecta dishwashers with the new washing cycles including,
– One Hour Wash option that allows for the quick cleaning of dishes
– Plate Warmer cycle that ensure hot plates to help keep food warm
– China/Crystal cycle for a lower … (read more)

New Electrolux RealLife dishwashers

Recently launched in most European countries, the design and features of RealLife dishwashers are based on thousands of hours of consumer observation and interviews across Europe. The results are bigger capacity, better washing results and better efficiency. The way people live today is not the same as 30 years ago, yet white-goods companies continue to manufacture dishwashers for the standard loads that were defined in the 1970s. Electrolux learned in its research that very few of these standard items have been left in kitchens.

People today use unusually shaped dishes, glasses of different … (read more)

Whirlpool freestanding dishwasher

The new Whirlpool freestanding dishwasher boasts 30% more space with a 3rd wash level and phenomenal results excellence with new PowerClean MAX and 6th Sense Aquasteam. New PowerClean MAX eliminates the need to scrub or soak crockery and pans prior to dishwashing. The 24 rotating water jets at the rear of this freestanding dishwasher work simultaneously to remove stubborn or baked-on food without the use of additional energy or water. At the same time, Whirlpool famous 6th Sense technology ensures glassware and delicate items are cleaned gently, safely and thoroughly, delivering best-ever wash performance … (read more)

Bosch 800 Series dishwasher

At 40 dBA, the new Bosch 800 Series dishwasher is company quietest and most Eco-friendly dishwasher that is engineered to be the most efficient dishwasher ever sold in North America. Bosch achieved continual advancements in sound reduction by not only insulating the traditional noise that comes from within the unit, but by eliminating the sources of those noises. The 800 Plus re-imagines the dish washing cycle, improving performance and efficiency while eliminating the most identifiable dishwasher sounds – the drain snorkel and the water blast.

Bosch 800 Series dishwasher comes equipped with Brushless … (read more)

Candy Duo 609 X oven dishwasher combo

The new stainless steel Candy Duo offers a stylish solution, allowing you to get two important appliances as one unit and fit them within a standard dishwasher space. Created for consumers with limited space in their kitchens, Candy Duo comes with 4 adjustable feet and boasts intuitive features designed to make using the appliance simple and easy. The Duo 609 X oven section has modern electronic touch controls located on the ergonomically designed handle for a precise temperature control. The spacious 39 litre cooking cavity features 5 functions to accommodate your cooking requirements and … (read more)

ATAG dishwasher – slimline fully integrated dishwasher

This ATAG dishwasher, the slimline, fully integrated VA4511AT saves space and energy while delivering professional grade cleaning. With household penetration of dishwashers creeping up to the 35% mark, the potential for these time and energy saving appliances is still only beginning to be realised. Consumer education and vastly improved technology has gradually enabled the dishwasher to shed its tag as a luxury or a non-essential item, while space limitations have been addressed by a choice of slimline fully integrated models. This particular ATAG dishwasher is top quality appliance with a ‘AAA’ energy rating for … (read more)

Miele dishwashers from new G 5000

The new generation of 60cm Miele dishwashers, the G 5000 Series combines ease of use, performance, modular design and advanced technology. Packed with innovative features and programs, Miele G 5000 offers solutions for the most demanding consumer, built on the company expertise and design know-how, developed and tested over the last 20 years. From kitchen decor standpoint, these Miele dishwashers will prove to be irresistible, due to the straight lines and understated elegance.

One of the key features is new ComfortClose system for a very smooth door handling when opening and closing. It … (read more)

Table dishwasher from Clatronic

Compact and easy to install table dishwasher, ‘AAA’ rated Clatronic TSG 705 offers 6 place settings and 6 programmes that include Intensive, Normal, Eco, Glass, Rapid and Pre-wash as well as 3 washing temperatures of 40°C, 50°C, and 65°C. Other key features of this table dishwasher include electronic programme controls, On/Off switch with control lamp, built-in heating element, water softener system, LED for salt and rinse shortage, self cleaning micro filter, overflow safety, door safety lock, stainless steel interior, crockery and cutlery baskets. Sells for approximately € 200. Clatronic.

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