Couch and Stairs Combined in Flowing Style

What a striking design – to put the stairs and the sofa in line like this. There’s a magnificent flow in the room and coming down the stairs. Dutch architect firm 8A built this as a ‘pied a terre’ in the Netherlands for a Dutch family that is living in Paris. Without a lot of space, they had to be creative and maximize what they could without sacrificing style. Notice how the landing near the bottom of the stairs is the same height as the sofa, drawing … (read more)

1965 Volkswagen Camper Van is Really a Tent

Come on, admit it. You’ve always dreamed about taking off in a Volkswagen camper van and heading across the country like a gypsy. Maybe some of you even made it happen! But if not, you still can “do your own thing” in this VW camper van tent! Would this not be a groovy camping experience? Can you imagine setting it up at a music festival? These “pop up” tents are incredibly easy to erect – the tent does all the work for you. They come in many … (read more)

Flowing Spiral Wood Staircase is a Work of Art

This is one of the most jaw dropping wood staircases we have ever seen. When one thinks of a spiral staircase, the wrought iron model comes to mind with narrow stairs, open backs. When Carney Logan Burke (CLB) Architects built Rabbit Brush Residence in Jackson, Wyoming, they had something else in mind. Such elegant solid wood paneling up a fully closed railing makes this stairway so stunning. It puts us in mind of a yacht staircase – on the most magnificent yacht you could imagine! … (read more)

Classical Columns and Naked Concrete Walls Mix in Stylish NY Loft

New York City is the place to be for creative, contemporary loft interiors, and lucky for NYC this beautiful apartment by Axis Mundi happens to be on Manhattan’s Bond Street. This eclectic living space features an intriguing mix of modernism and luxury. Earthy textured wall tiles and contemporary art are seen between the classical Romanesque columns, summing up this interior’s assorted style. Window walls invite light and the lively city skyline inside, by day and night.

Contemporary … (read more)

Giant Horse Head Sculptures Tower over Scottish Skyline

The Kelpies, 30-meter (almost 100 ft) high sculptures by Scottish artist Andrew Scott, stand next to the Forth and Clyde Canal in Falkirk, Scotland. The artist is known for his distinctive models in steel – many of which are horses. The Kelpies are mythical aquatic Celtic horses but that legend is only a starting point – the artist says the work is more of a tribute to the modern work horse that built this part of Scotland, towing barges up and down these canals. At 300 tonnes (that’s … (read more)

Iconic UP5 Pesce Chair made by B&B Italia

Designed in 1969 by Avant Garde Italian Architect, Gaetano Pesce, the UP 5 has stood the test of time and critics to become one of the most defining moments in the emergence of Italian Furniture design, as we know it today. Representing women in a metaphorical expression, the UP 5 is a carefully created statement by Pesce using a ball and chained female fertility figure to create the image of woman as a prisoner and victim, subservient to male prejudices. The political statement to “Big Mama” as the … (read more)

Chic Interiors With Unique Materials by Karhard Architektur

Kim over at Desire to Inspire has put together a collection of images from a few of the projects of Berlin’s Karhard Achitektur + Design, ranging from bright compact apartments to wood-lined family homes. The firm has a few calling cards, but its designs are incredibly varied and unique from project to project. Working with both new buildings and renovations equally, Karhard diligently tailors the look of each room to its purpose and creates a few overarching themes in every individual residence. Sometimes, the architect … (read more)

Woven Wicker Small Sofa and Armchairs by Dolcefarniente

Texture me a colour story through the embracing silhouette of the Giada series. Made from interlacing wicker, the easy chairs, ottomans and small sofa are a visceral treat of saturated colours, the only real choice being which colour to get. The soft, padded and form fitted cushions are just the perfect density for sitting on, while the continuous backrest / armrests are tightly formed to “hug” your body in a comforting embrace, making the Giada series, snuggable, huggable and definitely lovable.

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