Stingray Kitchen and BBQ Multitools by TNK

Stingray multi tool kitchen

Stingray multi-tools will help you flip, grab, and pierce whatever is in that skillet with just one tool, and one hand. The multiple function kitchen utensils will save you digging around in your kitchen gadget drawers for the many items you need for each cooking sessions. They have two versions of the Stingray multitools.

Stingray bbq tool

  • The Stingray Kitchen multitool has a heat resistant spatula front end up to 460F, with stainless steel handles and piercer.
  • The Stingray BBQ multitool has the same nylon and stainless steel constructions but the spatula is stainless steel as well for higher heat situations.

TNK sent us a set o the multitools to try out, and we though making sausages and eggs yesterday morning was never easier. The Stingray also cleaned up really well after breakfast.

At Stingray Kitchen Utensil Multitool by TNK and Stingray BBQ Multitool by TNK

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