Newest Technology for the Kitchen

The kitchen is where we prepare and share meals, converge before crazy days, and shed the chaos of life after work or school in the form of mail, keys, bags, coats, and conversation. It’s a hub of countless tasks and demands. Therefore, it’s not surprising that more and more sophisticated tech products are focusing on meeting those demands. Modernize has gathered a list of exciting tech products and apps for the kitchen that will make your life easier.

Prep Pad


Via Amazon

The Orange Chef Prep Pad focuses on making your meals and snacks both easier to prepare and healthier to eat. The Prep Pad pairs with your iPad and the Countertop app to help you keep track of your nutrition goals. You can save and share recipes, access helpful nutrition information, and fine-tune the ingredients in your meal to stay consistent with your diet goals. The surface easily wipes clean so you can weigh your ingredients and get creative in the kitchen without worrying about scrubbing one more item.

GE Brillion Oven


Via GE Appliances

The GE Brillion app allows you to manage your compatible wifi-connected wall oven and range from afar. This means no more rushing home to preheat the oven or making excuses to a hungry family about how you caught up at work. You can set it to preheat, adapt the temperature to your needs, and easily set timers for your food that’s in the works while you complete other tasks.

Firebox Smarter Coffee


Via Firebox

Second only to food and water, coffee is pretty much the number one commodity that needs to be conveniently supplied in our kitchens. And it doesn’t get more convenient than the Smarter Coffee coffeemaker from Firebox. You can connect the machine to your smartphone or tablet to brew a personalized cup of coffee right when you want it. Control the strength of your coffee, brew as many cups or as few cups as you desire, and even grind the coffee beans fresh with the push of a button. The Smarter Coffee machine easily syncs up to your schedule and needs.

Samsung Smart Fridge


Via Best Buy

Upgrade the most important appliance in your kitchen with a wifi-enabled Samsung refrigerator. The 8-inch LCD screen will help you prepare for the day while you pack lunches and scramble to leave for work. Web browsing will allow you to look up recipes, check the weather, and read news off the cuff. Conveniently download apps like a chore organizer so your family members can tap in to see what need to do to earn their keep. You can also control the refrigerator’s interior settings to keep your food fresh longer.

Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher


Via Whirlpool

For the energy conscious, the Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher with 6th Sense may be the perfect kitchen addition. The Energy Advisor keeps track of how much energy you’re using, while the Cycle Assistant keeps track of potential repairs your machine may need. A resource-efficient wash system can help you rest easy knowing that your machine isn’t wasting unnecessary water or energy, while a sensor keeps an eye on how soiled your dishes are and adjusts settings accordingly.


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