Century Cupboard by Riflessi decorated in Newspaper Pages reflecting on Historical Events


With only 100 of these unique limited edition sideboards made, the Century is a hallmark of history encapsulated within Italian 20th century newspaper headlines presented in an abstract display of black and white segments that are completely readable. This artistic cabinet is covered by the originals of the first few pages of some of the most important storylines of the day, whether political or cultural, providing a glimpse into the past all the while celebrating the present within its contemporary and minimalist silhouette.


What makes this cabinet so exciting, beyond the historical references, is the way the clippings where pieces together in a collage that can be interpreted as Pop Art, Grunge, Contemporary, Industrial and even Rustic. Century can be displayed without any additional vignette as a solo piece of art, or expanded upon to include both the floor and walls. Surround the cabinet in a photo montage of your family tree, a collection of art, books – you name it. With only 100 certified and numbered copies, all recorded with a plate, Century is a unique and original work of art – it is a piece of history to collect.



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