ThermoWorks The Original Cooking Thermometer/Timer


The Original Cooking Thermometer/Timer is an excellent kitchen appliance that has made my life easier. I bought one recently for only $24. Cooks Magazine rated this remarkable tool “Best of the Bunch” and it lives up to their high rating in more ways than one.

The latest cooking thermometer model has an On/Off switch that helps to save the battery life. All I have to do is stick the probe into the center of my roast, set the temperature at exactly where I want, close the oven door and the cooking timer sounds when the meat is ready. The product comes with a booklet that has a chef recommended temperature chart. I decided to use the chef recommended temperature and set it a few degrees lower so that there would be a continued rise during the time the meat rested outside of my oven. More details about this fantastic product’s features are below.

  • Large digital numbers. 
  • A display that is flat and can be folded to use on the counter. 
  • Magnetic rear mounting. 
  • Probe cables that can withstand 500°F.

It is very easy to clean my thermometer. I just rinse the tip of the probe tube under kitchen tap water or wipe it with a damp rag. The thermometer’s cable, however, must be kept dry. With moderate care the probes will probably last a very long time, but I did order a spare probe for TW362 thermometer/timers. I also ordered a SST overbraid cable that can withstand 500°F short term for browning.

I discovered that the thermometer can be used for several foods other than meat. It is ideal for sauces candy making projects, BBQ and reheating dishes. The adjustable alarm setting from 32°F to 392°F is fantastic because it gives me flexibility. Another great feature is the timer and thermometer can work simultaneously or separately.

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