Christmas in Scandinavia: Emma Persson Lagerberg Style


Emma Persson Lagerberg is an interior stylist with a lot of style, we think. Don’t you just love the wooden block Christmas tree? And how clever to offset it with live Hyacinth, blooming, albeit uprooted. And the fern card on the mantle has corresponding roots! Her casual sense – she seems to scatter items – is anything but casual. There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place. Note the skull on the mantle (top left), the keys strategically placed. She has her signatures and things she loves (watch for the disco balls).


We love the way she uses such sparse trees. And who would ever think to put a broken Christmas bulb in the frame? And there’s that skull again. Her work is a treasure hunt and we find ourselves looking for signs she’s been here.


The natural feel to her sets are amazing and she uses green and white so well. Note the Hyacinth blossom under the glass cloche – and the uprooted baby trees. Even the light on the log stool is sparse and au natural.


The most delicate of paper cut art hides center frame and top right (close up below). Such detail. And how many signature items can you spot in this set? We love Emma Persson Lagerberg’s sense of style, and hope to see a great deal more of her work in the future.


More information: Emma Persson Lagerberg

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