Sculptural Dream Chair by Carl Hansen & Son


We can’t decide if we like this spectacular Dream chair better with or without upholstery! The flowing curves of the shape of the wood are simply mesmerizing. But the leather looks so soft and supple – maybe one (or two) of each! Japanese architech Tadao Ando designed the Dream chair as a tribute to renowned mid-century Danish master, Hans J. Wegner. This magnificent chair crosses both borders and timelines. It’s minimalist, yet complex and clearly a piece of art as well as a functional (and extremely comfortable looking) chair. Made from three-dimensional plywood, it is curved along two axles during the molding process. Available in oak or walnut, with fabric, leather or natural finish, it also has an adjustable head cushion. Working with the craftsmen cabinetmakers at Carl Hansen & Son, the designer pushed the limits of what even he himself expected from the material. And the result is truly a Dream chair.


The Dream chair is available in leather, fabric or natural wood.


This chair is molded using three dimensional plywood in oak or walnut.


The minimalist style is a tribute to Danish designer Hans J. Wegner.


The Dream chair is a piece of sculpture as much as a piece of furniture!


The leather upholstery is top of the line.


More information: Carl Hansen & Sons


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