ThermoWorks ChefAlarm Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe


ChefAlarm High Temp Cooking Probe

Anyone who has ever cooked a roast knows the frustration of taking your “cooked to perfection” meal out of the oven, and then at carving time, you find it is certainly not ” cooked to perfection” after all. Instead, it is still raw in the center. This is when you would find a cooking thermometer probe extremely useful for ensuring your roast is cooked evenly throughout.

You need look no further than the ChefAlarm high temperature cooking probe from ThermoWorks to find what you need. It is the latest innovation in oven thermometers, and has been designed for use in commercial kitchens, and has features not found in ones designed for home cooking. This appliance is very high quality, but at an affordable price for the budget-conscious cook. It comes in 9 colors, all so attractive, you will have a hard time deciding which one to buy.

Main Features of ThermoWorks ChefAlarm High Temp Cooking Probe

  • The included Pro-series moisture resistant temperature probe has a cable that can withstand temperatures of up to 700°F, whereas most other probes on the market are rated to 392°F. The probe is capable of measuring food temperatures of up to 592°F. If desired you can buy an optional needle probe to use for thinner cuts of meat.
  • The adjustable high and low alarms will tell you when your meat has reached the desired temperature. The low alarm can be used after cooking to let you know when it has decreased to a safe temperature to handle. Having an adjustable alarm is an especially attractive feature for parents, as they can adjust the alarm so it is not loud enough to awaken sleeping infants
  • The large display that comes with a backlight, is easy to read if your vision is a bit poor. The backlight is handy for outdoor cooking at night.
  • You can use the magnet on the back to attach the alarm to your oven if it is not near your counter tops.
  • The on/off switch is located on the back so you can’t accidentally turn it off.
  • The high quality zippered case will keep it protected when not in use, and is ideal for storage of the alarm in a drawer, or taking it on camping trips.
  • Batteries are included, and it comes with easy to understand instructions.

ThermoWorks ChefAlarm High Temp Cooking Probe reviews from satisfied buyers. “This is the most accurate, good quality, practical thermometer that we could find. It is so easy to operate and it has certainly improved my wife’s cooking.”

The ThermoWorks ChefAlarm Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe is a must have for meals and meats cooked to perfection.

“After two of my oven alarms stopped working in the middle of cooking a roast, I realized it was time to find one that actually worked. Every one I looked at was just the same, until I found the ChefAlarm. It caught my eye, as it just looked different. I read about all the features, and then bought one. I am certainly glad I did.”

After you have used your ChefAlarm and High Temp Cooking Probe once, you won’t be able to wait to use it again. You will know it will give you perfect results every time.

A special thanks to ThermoWorks for sending us the ChefAlarm to review.

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