Concrete Tableware for Tasty Looking Meals


Architect and designer Vido Nori‘s passion for food led her to create a collection of tableware to suit her food design taste. True to her very geometrical style, she goes for asymmetrical shapes, with sharp angles and abrupt lines. Porcelain is obviously obsolete for the designer, for she chooses a very unusual material for the tableware industry: concrete. The collection is rich, consisting of bowls, platters, plates and snack dishes. They all come in different sizes and shapes, in order for one to be able to serve a full meal by only using the concrete pieces. Every piece is handmade, and the rough look of the concrete makes the food stand out and become a work of art. The more colorful the food is the better will it contrast with the matt grey of the concrete. The various platters and bowls can be also stacked or layered in order to obtain an architectural serving design. They are also very versatile in order to suit most cuisine types: sushi, tapas, soups, dips, salads or deserts. And because the designer wants her tableware to be low maintenance, all the pieces are of course machine washable. This is definitely a new era for tableware!


Dining and Entertaining

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