Top kitchen likes and dislikes from our Facebook fans

Top kitchen likes and dislikes from our Facebook fans

In putting together this year’s special report on kitchen remodeling trends, Consumer Reports spoke to designers, architects, remodeling contractors, among other professionals. But we also checked in with our Facebook fans to learn what people love and hate about their kitchens, as well as the lessons learned from their own kitchen makeovers. Here are some of the responses from the hundreds we received. You can join in the conversation by visiting Consumer Reports on Facebook.

What’s the best decision you’ve ever made on a kitchen remodeling project

  • Putting in energy efficient appliances—makes a huge difference.
  • We decided to keep the original cabinets, purchased additional cabinets(from Habitat for Humanity) to accommodate the new design, refinished all of the cabinets and purchased new knobs and pulls. We saved a lot of money by doing this, which allowed us to upgrade to exotic granite.
  • At the decorator’s recommendation, we installed a large skylight into a previously perennially dark kitchen. The change was dramatic.
  • Bought a second hand kitchen, cherry cabinets, solid wood construction, dishwasher, cooktop, stove microwave and fridge for $ 4,000 from a deconstruction firm, Second Chance. When we tell people that the cabinets are used, they cannot believe it!
  • Double-oven stove for me … next favorite thing is the full-size, built in pantry.

If you had to choose, what would you say you dislike the most about your kitchen?

  • I wish my condo had a range hood vented to the outside instead of the combination microwave and fake vent.
  • Stainless steel appliances. They are much too difficult to keep clean on a daily basis. I couldn’t wait to have them, and now I can’t stand them!>
  • Getting on my knees on the floor so that I can find that pot shoved in the very back of the messy, messy, cabinet.
  • [Lack of] storage for large items like pots and small appliances.
  • Carpet. In. The. Kitchen. Really? Who thought that would be a good idea?
  • Definitely the 70’s GOLD color … hate it.

What one kitchen item (appliance, fixture, surface material, etc.) do you lust after the most?

  • Tasteful appearance to garbage, recycling and composting containers without resorting to plastic bags.
  • Dual oven so can cook at different temperatures.
  • I replaced pull-out lower shelves with drawers. Love the look and it’s easier to just pull out the drawer than it is to open doors and then pull out shelves.
  • Salvaged hardwood cabinets and recycled glass counters.
  • A large walk-in pantry with lots of shelves to store bulky kitchen items.


Who or what do you rely on most for design advice for remodeling projects

  • Websites like Apartment Therapy with a strong online community and designers’ personal blogs can be a great resource and sounding board for different issues/problems. Contractors can be a wealth of knowledge, but sometimes they are surprised to hear about new developments shared online.
  • A great website called Hundreds of thousands of pictures and the ability to create your own “ideabooks” which you can share on Facebook with friends or directly with your architect/contractor.
  • Each place we’ve lived over the years has taught us something that we either LOVE or HATE. We put those ideas together to make a great kitchen.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever been told by a remodeling contractor?

  • “Well, all windows leak a little …”
  • “The work will be completed in 2 weeks.”
  • Late one night, water started pouring through the fluorescent fixture in the kitchen. The builder told me the next day not to worry about water coming through an electrical fixture.
  • It would save time just to send you a court transcript …

To avoid mishaps in your next remodel, read “Get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.” We also showcase three success stories in: “Magnificent kitchen makeovers.

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