Canister vacuum cleaner from Samsung


Samsung technology and smart design innovation are clearly displayed with the three canister vacuum cleaners, recently launched in the US. These Samsung vacuums make floor cleaning a quieter, quicker and healthier experience with reduced noise levels and innovative ergonomic design. Available in Champagne, Electric Blue and Black, the cleaners offer comfort and ease of use as well as easy storage and maneuvering on all floor types.

The innovative airflow design reduces excessive noise, cutting down on the roaring vacuum sounds that can disturb everyone in the house. Each Samsung canister vacuum cleaner also features unique design components with a carrying handle, designed to make it easier to move around the home and reduce the amount of pressure on the body, while transporting the device from one room to another. The ergonomic design extends to the control handle and is meticulously contoured to fit the palm of your hand. With unique airflow for less noise, multi-chamber technology and HEPA filters for cleaner air, these vacuums incorporate a number of innovative and convenient features that were designed to make vacuuming much more efficient.


Whether cleaning the floor, or hard to reach places like ceiling fans or under the seats of cars, these vacuum cleaners also include features that make them suitable for virtually any cleaning job. Each Samsung canister model has a telescope wand that extends close to 35.5 inches and down to 23 inches for the ideal length. The Electric Blue and Champagne vacuums include a 15 inch wide brush which is larger than the standard 13 inch brush on most other vacuums, and can be used on different floor types for faster cleaning. All three vacuums come with large dust bins designed to easily remove and empty the bin without spilling the dust. In addition, the 2.5 liter dust bin holds more than conventional canister vacuums so you can clean bigger messes without interruption.


The Champagne vacuum features an innovative MultiChamber Vacuum System which delivers improved efficiency with longer lasting suction power than conventional vacuums and catches up to 99.7% of even the finest dirt, dust and particles. The Black and Electric Blue vacuums feature a Twin Chamber Vacuum System, which offer an efficient and powerful design that catches up to 95.2% of dust and fine particles. All three Samsung cleaners have a HEPA Filter, which traps small particles, purifying the air and bringing relief to allergy sufferers.

The Champagne canister vacuum also features an Auto Dust Sensing System, which intelligently measures the amount of dust it needs to clean and adjusts suction accordingly, further resulting in cleaner air. It is also perfect for pet owners since it tackles pet hair on all surfaces, reduces pet dander with its HEPA sealed-gasket filtration system and eliminates pet odors with the Anti-Odor Carbon Filter.

The Black SC88BOH1K sells for $ 300, the Electric Blue SC88POH1B is available for $ 350 and the Champagne SC96POH1G is priced at $ 450. Samsung.


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