Kobold VR100 robotic cleaner


The Vorwerk Kobold VR100 is the automatic vacuum cleaner that runs on a lithium ion battery. This robotic cleaner is equipped with a laser range finder which helps the vacuum to navigate its way around. The Kobold VR100 automatically returns to its docking station after 60 minutes. Perfectly suited for carpet and hard floors, the robust robotic cleaner handles obstacles and corners with ease, thanks to its all-wheel drive and cleverly shaped side brushes.


Kobold VR100 design strongly resembles that of Neato robotic vacuum cleaner. Its lithium ion battery life is 90 minutes and the vacuum gets fully charged in about 3 hours. Other key features of the Kobold VR100 robotic cleaner include daily scheduling function, room positioning mapping system, accelerometer, cliff and collision sensors, brush bar and 0.7 liter bagless dust bin. Price is £650. Vorwerk. Previously, hand held Kobold vacuum cleaner.


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