Review: Reduce Eco-Friendly Compactor Trash Can – Smash the Trash


We’ve been using the Reduce Eco-Friendly Compactor Trash Can over the past month, and we are really impressed. The Reduce Trash can has a compactor top you push down to reduce the trash in the can by compacting it. Reduce? Well it’s not like trash disappears but it does get reduced in size.


Reduce in the test kitchen.

We found the Reduce Eco-Friendly Compactor Trash Can top fun to push down, and if we were having a bad day a great way to ease out a little frustration. Reduce claims you’ll use half as many trash bags as you would with your old trash can, and we think this is about 1/4 less. The trash can does a great job but if you smooshed down your trash before, this is a little better than that. The big pluses are not touching the trash to do the smooshing.

In the month since we started using it we thought the lid would get really dirty. Surprisingly it didn’t. We did however find it easy to clean, very durable, and the compact disk compacts trash with little effort. It also has a soft, quiet close lid preventing it from slamming down on the can. The lid is heaver however when using the foot pedal because of the accordion like top that does the smashing.

The top has an accordion like smoosher.
Results – smooshed trash, with clean hands.

We heartily recommend this trash can to help Reduce you trash. We only wish it had magical powers to take the trash bag out to the trash cans.

A special thanks to Reduce for sending us the Reduce Trash Can for review.

At Reduce Eco-Friendly Compactor Trash Can

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