How to Save Time and Avoid Headaches in the Kitchen

Photo by Dan Lewis.

We often feel the sting of the over prepped meal. You spend the entire time getting ready to cook, and very little of it cooking because you need to be so neat. Food writer and home cooking authority Mark Bittman tells us how to stop inflicting such pain in the kitchen and just get cooking.

The article over at Lifehacker has a few key tips and of course there’s a lot more to read and learn as well:

  • Stop Mincing
  • Keep Your Knives Sharp
  • Don’t Over-Prep
  • Use Kitchen Workhorses: Mandoline Slicers and Immersion Blenders

Bittman, a regular writer at the New York Times and author of the kitchen bible How to Cook Everything gives some great advice, and also how to get cooking and have fun in the kitchen.

At Mark Bittman on Saving Time and Avoiding Headaches in the Kitchen

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