Fisher & Paykel revolutionary refrigeration compressor technology


Fisher & Paykel Appliances reveals refrigeration compressor technology set to revolutionize energy consumption. Developed under a joint development agreement with Whirlpool owned, Brazilian based Embraco, the new compressor offers 2 key advantages,
– it has the potential to save consumers up to 30% on refrigerator power use
– refrigerator design, storage capacity, temperature control and environmental impact will be significantly enhanced
According to Fisher & Paykel Appliances’ team says this innovation will lead refrigeration industry in coming years.

This new compressor delivers a leap forward in energy efficiency that has previously been unachievable in conventional compressors used in the majority of today’s refrigerators. Current compressors must remain upright as they contain oil. The new environmentally friendly compressor doesn’t contain oil and therefore allows more flexibility in the installation and positioning of the compressor. In addition to energy savings, the shape of the compressor will allow around 15 liters more space inside the fridge, the equivalent of five 3-liter containers of milk, or an extra fruit and vegetable compartment.

For Fisher & Paykel Appliances, the development of the compressor follows previous breakthroughs in appliance technology, including the revolutionary SmartDrive laundry technology in 1993 and the DishDrawer in 1999. Fisher & Paykel says the next phase of the compressor’s journey starts now, with further testing and field trials beginning in the next few months.

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