Coway AP-1008 air purifier


Engineered for a medium, up to 33m² room, Coway AP-1008 are elegant, sinuous and slender air purifiers, designed to grace the environment of the most discriminating consumer. Choose premium leather finished AP-1008DH, liquid silver AP-1008BH or modern white AP-1008CH air purifier, confident that, whatever your choice, it will attractively complement your personal décor or motif, and supply the freshest of fresh air.


The innovative flow path design reduces the space around the fan allowing for a slimmer, more efficient air purifier. Despite its slim shape, Coway AP-1008 is more powerful than conventional purifiers, due to the innovative ultra-thin filter.

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The AP-1008BH/CH air purifiers feature economical yet powerful A3 Medium Filter. A3 stands for Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Odor, Anti-Dust and thanks to the combination of vacuum-metalized nano silver and active carbon impregnated materials, is extremely efficient. A3 eliminates 99% of bacteria, 80% of dust and 40% of bad odors, provides superior anti-bacterial effects, excellent removal efficiency of harmful gas and foul odors, and improved dust collection efficiency by making front and back hole sizes different. Finally, it is reusable with a simple cleaning with a vacuum and can be used for up to 40 months.


However, the AP-1008DH edition offers truly state-of-the-art air purification. In addition to the quite formidable filtration of the BH/CH models, it has Strengthened Multi Care Complex Medium Filter which integrates 3 different types of filters to remove 99.8% of Yellow Dust, 99.97% of Influenza and 99.9% of Legionella as detailed below, as well as significantly enhanced deodorization capability by an active carbon filter that efficiently removes harmful gases such as Volatile Organic Compounds, foul and tobacco odors.


Easy to understand and use digital touch control panel with intuitive interface and backlit buttons offers auto operation, according to the indoor air pollution level or 4-speed manual mode. Optimal air purification is possible with constant monitoring and accurate measurement of indoor air pollution through the dust sensor and gas sensor that check the level of dust particles and bacteria. Note that AP-1008BH/CH models has dust sensor only, whereas Coway premium AP-1008DH has both.


Light Sensor automatically detects variations in ambient light intensity, switching operation to Sleep Mode when the luminous intensity is less than 1 Lux for 3 minutes. When the luminous intensity returns to more than 2 Lux for 5 minutes, operation reverts to Auto Mode.

The airflow 3 levels + turbo is automatically controlled according to the level of detected indoor air pollution. The air purifier shifts to Power Saving Mode when the level of air purity is high for 10 minutes. The Power Saving Mode minimizes energy consumption by suspending all functions except pollution level detection.

Unattended operation is regulated by an Artificial Intelligence control program that adjusts airflow in accordance with the level of indoor air pollution and switches to Power Saving Mode or Sleep Mode when appropriate and safe.

Silent Mode is for the particularly sensitive to sound and parents of sleeping infants, who will surely appreciate the quiet, unobtrusive operation Coway noise control technology produces.


Exclusive to the premium AP-1008DH edition, the speed indicator lamp allows you to easily check airflow speed.

AP-1008 pollution indicators show the status of operations and the indoor air pollution level on a real time basis. The color of the pollution indicator lamp provides immediately visible notice of the current air quality.


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