Siemens Z 5.0 compact vacuum – Extreme Power edition


The new Siemens Z 5.0 is the premium compact vacuum cleaner capable of achieving a very impressive 47-liter per second suction rate. This compact powerhouse comes with the special Siemens motor that employs the latest super efficient XTRM compressor technology, providing the basis for such an incredible performance. With the Z 5.0 Extreme Power edition, you are getting a highly optimized air flow, making it an alternative to the larger Z 6.0 Extreme Power which creates 50-liter power per minute rate.

The old equation a lot of watts = more power is no longer valid in modern vacuum cleaners. What ultimately matters is the force that is actually applied to the carpet. The air flow is much more relevant as it indicates how much air is drawn per second. And more air per second means more dust and dirt gets vacuumed. The compact Siemens Z 5.0 Extreme Power has a 4.5 liter dust bag while its hose and intake manifold diameter is 20% larger than those of the regular vacuum cleaners. The result is lesser air resistance, turbulence and fewer bottlenecks that typically slow down the air flow.

The vacuum also comes with the Siemens washable Ultra HEPA filter and the high-quality MegaAir SuperTex filter bag to hold back even the smallest particles. When you change the filter bag, a special hygiene seal ensures that no dust or dirt to return to the outside, making the Siemens Z 5.0 compact vacuum suitable for allergy sufferers. Siemens.

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