Refrigerators of the Future Store Food in Liquid Gel


Okay this is just a concept for now, but Russian designer Yuriy Dmitriev’s take on the future of the humble refrigerator is storing food in liquid gel. Dmitriev’s concept is one of 25 semifinalists for this year’s Electrolux Design Lab contest — and he describes it as a “biopolymer gel,” or more specifically a “non-sticky, odorless gel.” You simply plunge whatever you want to keep fresh into the mass of your Bio Robot fridge and it’ll stay where you left it until you come back.

We’re not sure we need bio gel in our Kitchen Contraption future, but we really like the idea for fruit and other items. Click on through to see more of the finalists as many of them are kitchen focused including a “community fridge”.

Via DVICE at Electrolux

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