Aussie Smoker – Electric Smoker


We love the taste of smoked meat, fish, poultry and vegetables made right in our backyard. The Aussie Smoker plugs into a standard household electrical outlet and features a 1500-watt heating element and a removable thermostat control that makes for easy setting at a low, medium, or high smoking temperatures.

The Aussie Smoker comes equipped with a large cooking surface (351 square inches), and a porcelainized, 5½-quart water pan to ensure proper heat is reached and maintained throughout the smoking process. Smoke large amounts of ribs for a party, or multiple foods all at once. The flavor channels direct smoke for maximum food flavoring, while adding structural strength to the design. The built-in temperature gauge shows the temperature throughout the process.

If you’ve never smoked meat before, it’s really easy. You simply prep it and put it in the smoker monitoring occasionally to make sure you have plenty of smoke and water in the pan.

At Aussie Grills

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