Gorenje SmarTable – the coolest way to dine


Gorenje stylish and imaginative SmarTable might just be the coolest table in town. Not content with simply posing, the SmarTable has a personality all of its own and can perform its versatile tricks in hotels, conference rooms, reception areas, lounges, clubs as well as at home. You can choose the shape and size of the wholly convertible SmarTable from 14 precious materials, from solid granite to a selection of tinted glass or wood, and then watch it go to work in the company of professional colleagues or your family.

Gorenje SmarTable is set in motion at the touch of a remote control button. A refrigerated plateau with food and beverages will appear on a single touch. The central cylinder supports the luxurious surface and houses a fully integrated refrigerator with adjustable shelves attached to a rotating shaft. A remote controlled mechanism raises and lowers the chilled revolving plateaux to the desired height.

The SmarTable provides ample storage and immediate access to ready-to-serve dishes and fresh food that does not require cooking. At first glance, the SmarTable appears as a prestigious conference or dining table. However, at the delicate touch of the remote control button, the dormant space is converted into an atmosphere of pleasure and relaxation. The basic version of the round table has a diameter of 1700 mm, while that of the central cylinder is 933 mm. The SmarTable can be customised to meet any individual requirements, creating the perfect harmony with the convertibility of almost any space of your choice.

The refrigerator is housed in a decorative lacquer-coated or stainless steel casing. The base is made of artificial stone, Siligor. The central refrigerator compartment can also be ordered as a stand-alone item and can be installed or built into any other piece of equipment. Key features of the Gorenje SmarTable are,

– fully integrated refrigerator with adjustable shelves
– remote control to raise the refrigerated plateau of food and beverages to desired height
– the central refrigerated can be rotated to serve guests
– electronic controls with temperature range of 1°C to 15°C
– able to adapt to a variety of living spaces and customised to meet individual requirements
– decorative casing made of lacquer-coated steel or stainless steel
– refrigerator compartment can be ordered as stand-alone product and be installed or built into any other piece of equipment
– finished and enhanced with LED lighting

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