New canister vacuum series by Miele


Miele introduces the S2 Canister Vacuum Series, the quiet and powerful Olympus, Delphi and Titan. These very lightweight, yet robust canister vacuums feature Miele incredibly powerful Vortex Motor System, a super efficient AirClean filtration system and start at around $350. Ideal for first-time buyers, the S2 canister vacuum cleaners provide exceptional performance, quality, filtration, nimble handling and remarkably quiet operation at an outstanding value.

Many convenient features are seamlessly integrated into the vacuum such as large foot switches, a 29½ foot operating radius and an intuitive rotary power selector. The all new combination carpet / smooth floor tool was specifically designed for the S2 Series with a FiberteQ glass fiber-reinforced polymer base making it extremely lightweight and quiet. The transition from hard flooring to carpeting is particularly smooth and convenient. The S2 can easily handle the switch from hard floors and low and deep pile carpeting, to upholstery, cushions and even drapes. The stainless steel telescopic suction tube can be parked in an upright position during breaks in vacuuming in a fitting location between the On/Off and cable rewind controls. The on-board VarioClip tool conveniently holds an upholstery nozzle, crevice tool and dusting brush for special cleaning tasks. Another attractive feature of the S2 canister vacuum is the machine Silence Setting that makes the vacuum incredibly quiet during operation.

The S2 Series vacuums are engineered with an AirClean filtration system, one of the most advanced on the market. The 9-layer unique filtering dust bag has a large capacity and allows 25 percent longer usage compared to the previous generation. The bag is extremely tear-proof and allows hygienic handling and removal. A motor protection filter and active HEPA-filter which is standard on the S 2180 Titan model, complete the system.

Like all products from Miele, the new canister vacuum cleaners is built to a rigorous 20-year life design model – a Miele unique quality standard. In practice, this means that the machine must withstand a 1,000-hour endurance test before production can begin. A number of other critical tests are performed including a threshold test, a cable rewind test and a free fall test to ensure the durability of the machine and its components. All Miele vacuum cleaners are tested before leaving the factory to ensure perfection and come with a 7-year motor warranty.


Each S2 vacuum in the series is customized for specific home flooring needs and outfitted with the right tools to provide ultimate cleaning performance.

S2120 Olympus canister vacuum comes in Lotus White color and is ideal for smooth floors and some area rugs. Priced at $350, the Olympus comes with Miele Classic Combination Carpet / Smooth Floor Tool. This vacuum is designed for homes with mainly hard, smooth flooring surfaces and low pile area rugs. The floor tool easily switches position to move quickly from smooth floors to rugs with the flip of a foot switch and does not have rotating brushes that is typically required to groom deeper pile carpeting.

S2120 Delphi also comes in Lotus White and sells for $550. This canister vacuum is designated for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. The Delphi powerful, yet gentle Electro Comfort mid-size electrobrush effectively moves and separates carpet fibers for deep cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting. Convenient controls within a deluxe handle let the user turn the rotating brush on and off to transition from carpet to smooth flooring or low pile area rugs. This vacuum is ideal for homes with mostly medium to high pile carpets.

Offered at $650 and finished in Chili Red, the all around S2120 Titan is the fully loaded member of the S2 series and comes standard with a HEPA filter. Two deluxe tools allow for all-around cleaning in just about any home environment. Titan comes with both a Parquet Floor Tool and Electro Comfort mid-size electrobrush with deluxe handle controls for convenient transitions, perfect for medium to high pile carpets, area rugs and all smooth flooring.

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