SousVide Supreme – The Pros and Cons of Cooking from the Inside Out


We’ve been covering the first “affordable” home sous vide cooking machine, and are pretty excited about it. We also are very excited about the uber review just published over at Gizmodo. If you don’t know what a SousVide oven is – it offers the product of decades of refinement by top chefs, the SousVide Supreme Water Oven cooks sealed food at precise preset temperatures for consistent cooking, and wonderful flavors. Vacuum-sealed food loses virtually none of its flavor or nutrients during cooking, and the pressure encourages flash marinating, naturally enhancing the delicious tastes and aromas of the food with little added seasoning.

What does Giz thing about the SousVide Supreme over?


  • Extremely easy to use, and works exactly as billed
  • It will not make you a great cook overnight, though it will help you achieve goals you may already have


  • $450 is still too much for most home cooks, especially for something that they might not use often enough
  • Vacuum sealer equipment sold separately (and can be costly)
  • As large as a bread-maker or turkey roaster, equally hard to store when not in use
  • Interface not great; display lacks count-down timer, and buttons are sometimes unresponsive

We encourage you to click on through to see al the amazing items they made in the SousVide Supreme, and hopefully we’ll have our own review soon as well.

Via Gizmodo at At SousVide Supreme Water Oven

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